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Wurm online, please read. Seriously! /moved

MarleVVLLMarleVVLL Member UncommonPosts: 905

K, I've been here awhile and you know that I don't post spam. Those who are involved with the religion topics may be familiar with my name!
Anyways, I have just started playing Wurm online and I have to say it has been a very enjoyable experience. Yeah, animations stink - graphics could be better and many things are still in the works - but this game has sparked something in me that hasn't ever been there.
I've played ... so many MMORPGS. If you have named it, I've probably played it or heard of it. I know what I like and I know what I DON'T like. Wurm online is one that I do.
I played two times before, and quit early on both times. I did not take the game for what it was for and I was overwhelmed.
Now that I went back, I have looked through the game in a different paradigm - the one it was meant to be looked through.
I have a question:
Why is it not listed here and why does it not have a forum of its own?
Secondly, I encourage each one of you to go check it out and have an open mind while playing it. Its complete sandbox.. I mean.. total.
Youtube it if you would like, or just visit the website.

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  • tunabuntunabun Member UncommonPosts: 666

    Originally posted by MarleVVLL

    I have a question:
    Why is it not listed here and why does it not have a forum of its own?

    It is listed and does have its own forum. 

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  • sizewellsizewell Member Posts: 16


    Glad you like It.

    I have been playing for nearly 2 years now and it still has me hooked. Animations have been a bit non-existent in the past but they have been working on them recently and there is a lot more updates  in the pipeline. You can play the game for free (upto level 20) or pay €5 a month full prem. There are 2 servers - Home which is non PVP and Wild where you can raid other villages or protect your own plus the animals can be stronger than the Home server.  All villages/homesteads are player built, land can be terraformed ie build trenches (as deep as you like) or raise the ground and build your fortress on a steep mound. You can do mining (rock shards used for bricks for houses/walls), Iron ore to make tools/weapons. Silver/gold to make jewellry to sell to traders. You can actually tunnel through mountains whilst mining.

    Some professions you can learn: Mining, masonry, woodworking, blacksmithing, weapon crafting, farming, leather working, digging, pottery, armourer, priests, jeweller.

    Some tools you can make: Pickaxe, hammer, wooden mallet, shovel, carving knife, butchering knife, leatherworking knife, Chisel, File, Awl, Needle, axes,  rake,  scythes, sickle, anvils, whetstones.

    Some weapons you can make/use: short/long swords, axes, mauls, various bows, catapaults (for raiding villages).

    All in all, a very enjoyable game. For some can be a bit of a grind and to begin with actions (like mining) can be a bit slow but when you skill up and use better quality tools, actions become very much faster.




  • kurisukurisu Member Posts: 15

    I have the same experience, been playing since like the 5th beta map. At first I hated it, but I just kept coming back till I could appreciate the game.

  • ElgarLElgarL Member UncommonPosts: 191

    I tried it a couple of weeks back. Put a few hours into it but couldn't find anything to do.

    I spent a couple of hours running aorund and didn't find a single monster to fight or anything. I guess you don't fight in this game :(.

    I spoke to a couple of vendors but was unable to work out what to do with any of the items I could afford. I did find a box out in the wilderness which contained 'soot', if I remember correctly.

    I attempted to speak to a couple of players but was ignored.


    Seemed like a very confusing game.

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  • MarleVVLLMarleVVLL Member UncommonPosts: 905

    The game isn't a raw fighting game like WoW is. It can be, but that isn't its main focus.

    The game doesn't have any 'quests', if I remember right, and it seems all player driven. You make your own goals and accomplish what you want to accomplish. For instance, my village (that I got accepted into last night) is working to build a port, and finish building up our city. I'm very new, and do not know much stuff, but this game is SUPER fun if you look at what it is meant to be.


    i study greek and latin

  • truerune777truerune777 Member Posts: 44

    I tried to play,i downloaded everything,but once the game fully loads and i'm finally in the game it crashes...DAMN YOU TO HELL DSL MODEM!

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,898

    Well, I followed the link to their website, but noticed they accept payment from Paypal in Euros.  Sorry, I'm a typical provincial American, not going to do currency translations to play games.  Think I'll just wait for AOC.



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  • WoopinWoopin Member UncommonPosts: 1,011

    People please stick to the topic at hand.


  • MaurizioMaurizio Member UncommonPosts: 162

    Originally posted by Kyleran

    Well, I followed the link to their website, but noticed they accept payment from Paypal in Euros.  Sorry, I'm a typical provincial American, not going to do currency translations to play games.  Think I'll just wait for AOC.
    Whats the differance if they were to charge you $7.50 a month US or 5 Euro? I cant seem to grasp your reasoning, as it makes no sence whats so ever to me.

    Anyhow, just like everyone currently is saying, I have known about Wurm for about 2 years, but i was busy playing another game with a similar concept, which I woudlnt recommend to anyone, theirfore I wont even mention its name. [Do a search for my posts if you really want to find out]

    Anyhow, I have recently joined Wurm after all this time, I have read alot of bad things in the past which also reason why i didnt join, and then recently i checked it out again to see alot of positive feed back, So i jumped in and gave it a try. I have since then fell in love with Wurm, yes there is always things we want a bit different or they make changes we dont agree with, but the concept of the game is still there, and the Game play is SOO fun. What more can you ask for when everything is pretty well balanced?

    I suggest anyone even slightly interested in Wurm to try it out. And like someoen said keep an open mind when trying it, its not your normal WOW, or UO type game. Its actually has much more meaning behind anything you do.

    Luck to all.

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