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I figured I'd post this here, since I have never heard of it.

I received an email from curse-gaming about a revamp of a game called Lunia. I went to the site, looked at the pics and flicks, and it looked fun. Its an anime game, kinda reminds me of Ragnarok (Which can either be a very good or a very bad thing).

Anyway, here is the site: lunia.12foottall.com/

And for you lazy gits, some links to screenshots:



As far as I can tell, its in some sort of open beta phase. Enjoy!



  • serjndestroyserjndestroy Member Posts: 69

    A very fun and innovative game! If only they would sort out the clipping and collision detecting probs.. And allow for more user customization.. And hire decent manga writers!

    Hail DnDOnlinegames!

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