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seven emperors clan

GaurdianKingGaurdianKing Member Posts: 338

My name is Johnathan Phan. I am the founder of the seven emperors clan and write this post to find European players of the game. I was hopeing that anyone intrested in adventureing with me in the beta ytest would please email me at [email protected]. If you wish to check out our clan, please go to the php funtions of the web-page are not operational at present due to faulty codeing. We will be fully operation by the release of the game and will have the clan page personalised background that will be provided by two artist students that are friends of mine. Right now the seven emperors team are working of a few projects. This includeds makeing a game, writing a book(story) and a few other things.

Members of the seven emperors team that founded the clan happen to all be university stdents that study technology in one form or another, some program other do hardware. this is not a requirment to be a member of the clan, we set up thew clan to make new friends all over the world. We just ahppen to all share the same intrests.

The requirments for now are you are in the beta test, you live in europe there by have access to the same servers. You can be anyone and any age, as long as you pleasent, rember we set up the web-page to meet new people and so on. So even ip you are not apart of the clan, feel free to go to the web-page and check us out. If yuou do not live in Europe, don't worry, when the official game comes out and they allow inter contnetal server use, we will be more than happy to quest or adventure with you. I also apologize for my grammer mistakes and spelling. I have a server case of dyslexia.

J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it.

J.d.slanger-everything apeares to be a scam in this world when you first see it does'nt it. image


  • SantaSanta Member Posts: 10

    This will be a genuinely good and useful site when its been finished. As King said we have a full base of expertise ranging from programming and software to hardward and electronics to gaming and tactics. If you want a clan which is technically and tactically apt, experienced and one where the members know their stuff them this is the one.

    And if you can work out the meaning of the name 'Santa', I bet theres something in it for you.

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    I would like to say somthing but typing it won't come out right and you really need to know this . . .

    -In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08-

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