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New Hardrive

x_Kiba_xx_Kiba_x Member Posts: 89

Ok well Im looking for a new add-on hardrive to put with my current one for some extra space.  I dont know a whole lot about hardrives but Id like one thats at least 200gb+ and compatible with my computer.  I have a sony vaio motherboard, the model number is a PCV-RS411, Id also like it if it was under $75 but im not sure thats possible.  Pleas help me.



  • DameonkDameonk Member UncommonPosts: 1,914

    Here you go.

    250 GB IDE HDD.  $65.


    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • TeiraaTeiraa Member UncommonPosts: 447

    There are 2 ways to upgrade:

    Either, you get an internal drive. They are not really difficult to setup, but you shouldn't be afraid to open your case and use a screwdriver. When using an internal drive, make absolutely sure it is an IDE drive (like the one mentioned above), and not a SATA drive (today there is a strong trend towards SATA, so be careful, SATA is faster but not compatible with your motherboard).

    Or, you get an external drive with USB connector. External drive can be IDE or SATA, both is ok. They are  easier to install, can be carried around, but are more expensive, and slightly slower.

    For the installation of internal drives, look also here.

    Also, you should make sure that your BIOS supports hard drives larger than 137GB (call the manufacturer if needed). In case of doubt, don't expect it to work, and get a 160GB drive instead (23 gigs of which will be wasted, but never mind that).

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