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DarkSpace - A Team-based MMORTS



  • grove123grove123 Member Posts: 38

    wow sure alot of jerks here. Saying this game blows and they never played it, or even read up on it. Bunch of jackasses.

    I played the 15 day trial of EVE,  and i hated/loved it so i bought the game, but im going to put it aside and see if this game is any better. The D/L size is extremely low, im doubting it will have any good music.

  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72
    lol.. well.. you can always put your own music in the folder.. thats what I do ;) whatever they have on there now doesn't really do it for me :P

    Whats that? Oh yeah, thats my beacons hittin your hull...


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