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Did any1 tried this game ?

safunsafun Member Posts: 2
question in title. i would love to hear ure opinion about it.tnx



  • tagortagor Member Posts: 1

    Yes I am playing it, togeather with a lot of other people.....


    It is actualy very entertaining. and fun to play.

    To me (as a typical EQ gamer) the game represents a new way of thinking, but not completely alien.

    I would say a mix somewhere between classic EQ type games, and EVE.

    Both games beeing fun and inovative in their thinking.

    Of negative things to say. 

    The game is filled with pigeon english (quite funny at places), they realy need to hire a native english speaking person to go through the dialogs.

    There are some consepts about armor upgrading, crystals, and chips, that are quite hard to understand, but again a language consultant writing new/more help would be money well spent. (But I find it fun to trial and error my way into understanding the game mechanics)





  • JohnnyMotrinJohnnyMotrin Member UncommonPosts: 439

    This game is so confusing that it made me so frustrated to the point were I have not logged in since Friday! After I figured out that creating a character couldn't be complete without hitting "auto assemble", I started playing and quickly found myself saying "HUH???" quite frequently.

    The graphics are Sega Genesis quality, and the players move very stiff. With all that said, the game is still very intriguing and I will give it another shot or two. The concept of this game is unique and has tons of potential!


  • cipi_ratycipi_raty Member Posts: 15

    The game has a lot of fun & promissing stuff to offer!

    It is only in Closed Beta, and yes it has some buggs, text errors and other glitches but Snail Game is trying to fix them.

    It is not a grinding game because you have quests with huge amont of  XP.

    The graphics are looking cool and the gears customization are awesome! They are still working on it, on characters/pilots customization and on mechs customization too and olso on other things like adding more planets, more weapons, more skills and other cool stuff!

    You can use a lot of diffrent weapons(sword, claw, gun, axe, shield, etc.), you can slide, fly or take other shapes(beast-mode, vehicle-mode, plane-mode, etc.) you can create a cool mech/robot and you are able to defeat higher level players if you chose wise your skills and gears!

    So try it out a lil and stop saying nasty things about it mates, because those pictures are not showing the game itself!

    Cheers and Have Fun!


  • NoanNoan Member Posts: 97

    Originally posted by safun

    question in title. i would love to hear ure opinion about it.tnx

    Was unable to launch it because of graphical bugs I was unable to see menus and other stuff. Just deleted it, not going to spend time on searching forums or other solution to fix it.

    You Are Not Tifa, Cloud, Aeris, Barret, Red XIII, Vincent, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Sephiroth or even Cid.
    Not Any Other FF Character.

  • KartuhnKartuhn Member Posts: 139

    well... The game does have lots of potential and I truly hope it begins to appear soon. I've played since open beta started and I've enjoyed it for the most part yet it quickly becomes apparent that there is little to do beyond the quests despite Seige and the newly opened Space Battle Planet. The quests are fun up to a point at around level 30 and they suddenly become a mindless grind of long travels of 10 to 15 minutes just to kill 15 of this and 20 of that only to return and have to do the same thing over and over again with little variety... very little variety! And you can forget about mob hunting for exp... it's utterly pointless to rely on exp from mobs alone though you may think so in your first few levels. The quests are an absolute requirement since the mob exp is miniscule and does not keep pace with their difficulty or your needs.

    AOA has it's fair share of bugs but it plays smoothly by comparison to many other beta's I've played. The players are fun and helpful and what there is of the game can be enjoyed so long as you don't make any serious mistakes with your armor after level 15 as "Reset Pills" are rare as lips on a chicken or nearly so.

    Be warned though! It is a major grinder to get yourself up in level once you reach 30.

    Perhaps someday, if the player base doesn't evaporate due to unending grinding and sheer boredom at this point, AOA may prove to be a worthwhile game. As it stands now with it's lack of item catalogues that would help a player better understand the armor system and anything remotely helpful in curbing the grinding as a distraction, I'm going to absent myself from it until the content improves as I don't wish to give up on it entirely quite yet. As I said... there is potential here and the gameplay is worth an effort... I just hope they don't completely blow it by continuing to rely on time-sinks in lieu of content.

    Just my opinion... try it for yourself and see what you think. You may have a ball (or not).

  • KartuhnKartuhn Member Posts: 139

    An update of my opinions on AOA:

    After the initial shock of the cash shop item pricing wore off and a major update to the games content having been added, I can say with confidence that AOA is on it's way to becoming a worthwhile game to play. Players are beginning to get a glimpse of what the developers have in mind as their vision of the game in greater detail as new content has been added in a recent update which offers a new instance and a few new beneficial quests. The Seige system has been modified to afford a better balance in battling for control of cities and areas and it is now possible to actually accomplish the goal without being mercilessly spawn-camped. There are still some rough spots in the games playability at this point in regards to balance and nearly unbearable grinding for levels, but, I can see hope for the games future.

    The character creation segment of the game has been greatly improved yet still lacks any truly meaningful tutorials on how to proceed in your choice of profession and although the armor creation system is fairly straigtforward many new players are perplexed as to how to assemble their first "earned" armor. Most of this can be quickly remedied in chat by asking for help but this tends to wear extremely thin on the existing player base. The best thing to do as a new player is to head directly to the games forums via the link on the games "start-up" interface and read what you can find in the guides and refer back to them as you discover slotted cores and control cabins in the very early stages of the game.

    One of the great secrets of AOA (which really isn't a secret at all but is simply not apparent at the outset) is that your success in the game depends not upon leveling rapidly, rather, it is critical to how well you manage your "build". At first glance there appears to be very little diversity in what choices there are in selecting your profession yet be assured that there are many challenging ways to combine armor attributes with weapon choices to achieve a wide variety of methods aimed at surviveability and/or pure power. I would go into greater detail here but this post would begin to appear as a short novel if I made any effort to list the possibilities that exist. Be assured that you will need to study and learn all you can on armor attributes and how to best combine them as you progress. It can seem tedious but it's well worth the effort.

    Rule of Thumb! Don't take ANY item you may come across in the game at face value and discard or sell them without first finding out their values to later gameplay! Low level armor parts with seemingly useless stats may be a truly sought after piece of valuable equipment that can be reconfigured into an UBER build! Also... don't rush off to the local shop npc and dump those crystals for a few coins if you pocket is light at the moment. Certain crystals that are found on mobs and from mines can be turned in as quest items for substantially greater sums or for experience points depending upon your level and what you desire.

    All in all I think AOA is getting there. It's truly becoming an enjoyable game to play despite it's few shortcomings at this time. If you're looking for a challenging game and enjoy hardcore personal development of your characters where a great amount of thought must go into achievement of your goals, then AOA is right up your alley! This game isn't about the graphics. It isn't about eye candy. It's about you and what you put into it. It's challenging to the extreme and all of it's greatest strengths lie in the finest of it's details surrounding what choices you make and how well you understand your character and it's performance. It takes serious planning and a commitment to succeed if you expect to do well in the game. Of course you will do some grinding and sometimes it can feel terminally excessive but Snail is progressing the game nicely. Hopefully we'll see Chapter Two soon and the next big evolution will commence!

    A last note: MARS NEEDS YOU! Due to personal politics and a few very poor attitudes, the Martians appear to be falling apart. The game is in it's infancy and it appears that so are many players who have recently left the game over losing (for the FIRST TIME!) a seige. Poor Corps management and prima donna attitudes have just about broken the back of the Mars faction. The Earth side has vowed to assist the Mars faction in rebuilding it's ranks and a few are creating Martian characters to assist new and old players in understanding the games mechanics, how to make effective builds and how to properly seige against Earth. We are committing ourselves to the GAME at this point and are working hard to return the balance to the factions so the game will continue to be enjoyable and grow to it's full potential. Join Mars now! Come and play AOA. Give it your best shot and see if you have what it takes... the game won't disappoint you if you take it seriously!

  • LordZeikLordZeik Member UncommonPosts: 276

    I've played this game for along time before quitting with a lot of other people. One of my friends jokingly made this checklist about AoA. If you can say yes to all these then this game is for you.

    Are you ready to make an army of alts and do Exotic planet 7+ times a day (estimated 3-7 hours) to catch up to the big boys????

    Are you ready to spend 100+ us dollars in Cash shop????

    Are you ready to Farm rare parts to compose 5 different builds for different occasions?????

    Are you willing to take smack talking over all channels?????

    Are you ready to lose friends when you become more powerful than them?????

    Are you ready to come to the forums and see a player quit every other week?????

    Are you willing to wait months without updates - which in in reality leave you dissapointed when they arrive?????

    Are you willing to deal with Moderators who are just as pissed off with the game as the players????

    Are you willing to make a character in Mars, the faction that has no chance of catching up to Earth players????

    Are you wiling to deal with players that have more $$$$ than you for Cash Shop?????

    If you answer yes to all of these then...WELCOME TO AOA ))) )

  • privo11privo11 Member Posts: 2

    yea lvl 39 so far Kage so what happened to you ?


  • gstlagstla Member Posts: 57

    pretty much excessive 100% grinding sums kage up.   Putting it this way he did the 100% power-grinding on AoA up to level 55 and then quit.

  • LordZeikLordZeik Member UncommonPosts: 276

    AoA lacks content and a real gm staff.... After all this time they finally got one gm being stationed in game from what I've seen when browsing their forums. Never played a game where hard work leveling=useless. They still don't have chapter 2 yet..... Aoa has no real community for a reason. Unrealistic item mall prices and lack of updates so don't put me grinding as the soul reason for me quitting that game. As for zero I played it as well was an okay game but now that I got my new pc tinkering with stuff like Requiem and Rohan. As for aoa it was going nowhere when I quit months ago, and its nudged slightly as time has elapsed. Snail pays more attention to some of its other games (as it should because those games generate far more players)

  • gstlagstla Member Posts: 57

    Age of Armor implemented their GM system last week.  Though they aren't 100% adept at the english language they're optimistic people. 

    The GM system is looking good and a lot of events are coming up.  The question from here on out is whether we can attract more attention.  Transformation and new content will be the main updates--along with some changes in game-play.

    Quite honestly, Kage, you didn't manage your resources well.  There were some better management ways to manage all of your acquirement at level 55--without going to exotic planet--the place to which we upgraded parts to save points (he used little to avoid monotonous grinding i assume) Kage you had the points to do more, like using full rank 17-18 AR/ES resist armor, but you never seemed very interested with it.

    The content may have not have been enough for you, but how you got to level 55 (want and nova are 54 like a month after kage got to 55) is beyond me.   I think you should come back at least to play casually =/.  i miss talking with ya XD



  • LordZeikLordZeik Member UncommonPosts: 276

    haha if they're just 54 now then I've been 55 for a long time way beyond a month's scope of inactivity. I am not big on giving a game a second chance unless theres some major overhaul. Granted I could of went and made tons of accounts and did exotic planet until I was blue in the face to obtain even more power.....But, at the end of the day I'd rather face off against several hundred different opponents instead of the same handful of people week in week out. AoA  isn't a grind game it's more like a job. I could log in do my quests in under x amount of hours log out and go catch a movie or play another game. granted I had more quests at my disposal and I had my routine down pretty precise after awhile, but there was no drive to go for the last few levels. Granted now there is going to be some updates next month, but a lot of problems are still there and those will take even more time to sort out. Meanwhile lot of up and coming games on the horizon for me to tinker with see a few new things seen a lot of features that well normal(which isn't good unless its controls mind you) As things stand there are a lot of games that are nothing more than shells. However, most of these shells retained players....AoA managed to lose most of its players one way or another and it gambling on this latest update to get things done. Maybe it will work out for them maybe it won't , but AoA had its chance to impress me with something new and that time has passed. It was fun while it lasted. Sides the funniest part of that game was the insane cash shop prices for such a small community. They might as well try and sell you a hot dog for 15 dollars in the middle of a food court. Anyways, gst I really hope AoA gets better for you. I did warn you to bail before you became too invested in the game. I hope for your sake snail doesn't take one to two months to sort out any and all bugs this new update may generate(then take even longer to try and fix them...... haha.)

  • dcy0077dcy0077 Member Posts: 5

    er I did played it for a while. not that terrible. but the words........

    In the name of Lucifer, rest in peace

  • SweetSenseSweetSense Member Posts: 33

                   Only one question....where are the people in this game?.....i have reach the 10-th level and i was by myself in all there anyone who play this game out there?

    never cry ......just screem

  • HypergolicHypergolic Member Posts: 11


    AoA is dead, they should close the lid on the coffin and bury it.

    It's just too grindy, boring, and overpriced for the Western market.



  • gstlagstla Member Posts: 57

    I agree with a lot of whats been said, I like this game because it has robots--that's pretty simple in my opinion.

    Population wise I think it's more of a weekend game and  at  that, only at certain times. 

    If invested you mean money, kage, then I've only spent $30 on the game--which isn't a terrible amount for any game you've played for 6 months or so.

    I hope it gets better of course, CAOA definitely limits AOAUS tremendously.  I'm still playing it at the moment, but if it doesn't change for some of the reasons ie) Grind/Quests just overall fun factor then I'm going to quit as well Kage.

    (But I like to finish what I start so guide..)

  • gstlagstla Member Posts: 57
    Originally posted by dcy0077

    er I did played it for a while. not that terrible. but the words........

    I think that's DinosaurGirl Kage, LOL...

  • LordZeikLordZeik Member UncommonPosts: 276

    Either dinosaurgirl or the guy filling in for her. In either case thats pretty funny haha. Meanwhile playing eq2 and on msn balancing all the positive and negative stuff about age of conan with some people , might be trying that out soon.  

  • gstlagstla Member Posts: 57

    I'll wait out AOA for a while, I'm level 51.6 or so now.  Sieges are okay, but I still feel like it's a "Pay to Win" game.

    It seems like reconfiguration is an inadequate "check" to the cash shop, as a means of balance I mean and always will be.    There aren't many players like me in the upper hierarchies of players who've spent less then $50 on the game. 

    I have some GM contact info now, and I'm trying to upgrade my guide, but beyond that and mentoring new students the game has little for me to do, but wait for the next robot MMO and try to make this one better little by little.

    This game is fun in moderate amounts.  I wouldn't recommend spending money on it though,  most anything you need can be gotten in-game from certain players or via personal research.

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