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Looking for a new game

agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

I am looking for a new game and saw this thought it looked quite good as it meshes two of my loves. Ancient Rome and mmos so can anyone tell me how the game plays and if there is any crafting in the game and if so what is it like? and i dont seem to be able to find any info on this so are there any classes in this game and if so what are the benifits of these?


  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67

    RomaVictor is a good game, but still has a ways to go.  That is about the most fair assessment I can come up with.

    Crafting is fairly complex.  I have heard it draw comparisons to A Tale in the Desert, and WURM online.  I have not played either of those, so I cannot say for sure.

    As an example, if you want to make a spear, you must start by getting the materials.  You would either buy the components, or get them yourself. 

    Getting it yourself would involve taking a pick, travelling to the mines and mining the ore; smelting the ore into "lumps" in a furnace; forging lumps into the appropriate shape using molds and a forge; pounding the shaped piece into a blunt spearhead, then sharpening it into a spearhead; cutting down a tree; harvesting branches; making the branches into poles using a polelathe; then crafting a finished spear with a pole and a spearhead.

    Along the way the result of each task is based upon skill and the quality of the components.  The quality of the spearhead is based upon smithing; lump used to make the spearhead based on smelting; beginning ore based upon mining and mining-iron skills.  Quality of the pole would be based upon carpentry, branch to make the pole based upon the quality of the tree and felling and woodcutting skills.

    Firewood quality matters with all tasks involving fire.  Making the pick would be a whole seperate process, similar to making the spear.

    The end spear result would be determined by the quality of components and handcraft skill. 

    At any point in the process, low skill or inferior components quality affecst the outcome of the item, with results varying from 2-99.  The quality of the item affects how long it will last, and in the case of weapons, the damage range of the weapon.

    There are no classes.  A player can choose to pursue any skill or "trade" at any time.

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    thx for that the crafting seems quite complex but im sure it is easier once u get the hang of it. i may start playing this but i have two further questions. how are the graphics compared to other games and what is the game play like?

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67

    The graphics are not impressive for the most part.  I am not picky about graphics, but some would probably say that RV graphics are mediocre at best.  Others say the particle effects are pretty good.

    I would say that character models need some more work.  The buildings and structures can be very impressive.  The background is poor.

    I personally like the gameplay.  The user interface needs improvement, but there isn't another game I have come across that is like RomaVictor.

    This not an "action-packed" game where you login and teleport somewhere and just start killing monsters.  It plays more like a simulation of ancient life in Roman Britain in the 2nd Century than it does like an FPS with spears and swords.

    If you have more specific questions, I will try to check back and give honest, unbiased answers to the best of my ability.

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    thx alot man uve been a great help . i agree with ur comments about the graphics as long as u can live with them and they are slightly realistic its fine with me. also can u describe the way that the battle system works cos it seems a bit confusing. is it just like button bashing or is there a real skill to it meaning that a lvl 1 char with great skill could kill a very high lvl?

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67


    Check the threads for a look at at graphics.  Keep in mind that almost all of the screens in these posts were taken by me.  I run all my graphics on low-end settings to improve my fps, so they are poor quality screens.  Some of them are also heavily cropped, and lost resolution when I resized to make them larger.

    I will get to the combat system soon.

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    i had a look at some of the screenies. they don't look too bad very livable indeed from what i read of the pictures u seem to be good at this game and if it is alright with u should i get it i willl look u up maybe we can kill some stuff together one day. also any news on the battle ststem it will probably be the deciding factor.

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67


    First is the character stats.  Each stat (muscle, vision, agility, dexterity, intuition, stamina) corresponds to one or more areas of the character's body.

    head = vision and intuition

    torso = stamina

    shoulder / upper arm / lower arm = muscle

    lower arm = dexterity

    legs = agility

    When creating a character you have a limited amount of points to spread out between these attributes.  The higher the attribute, the more damage that part of the body can take.

    These stats all affect other stats (one set is called attributes, one is called characteristics, but I can't remember which set is which).

    The other stats are: strength, aim, sense, shape, fitness, craftsmanship.  These are based upon the stats that you choose, but this set can be improved through doing different types of tasks.

    That may not seem important, but all of the above are factors in combat.

    There is a complex skill system in RomaVictor, which includes base skills, subskills, and advanced skills.  In combat, your overall base skill in combat, and weapon / defense skills affect your chances of successfully attacking / evading attack.

    The exact details are not known to players, but we have a pretty good idea from testing and experience.

    If I attack you with a gladius say aiming for your weapon arm, my skills (combat, sword, shortsword) and my stats (vision, dexterity, etc.) factor together and "roll" against your skills (combat, dodge, parry) and stats (intuition, muscle, dexterity), with modifiers for weapon "to hit" and your shield type.  A random roll is also factored in.

    Defense in RV has 3 layers: dodge, block and parry, in that order.  No matter where you are targeted, dodge is active.  Block is active for the center (head and torso) and shield side (your left arm and leg).  Parry is active for center and weapon side (weapon arm and leg).  So depending on where the attacker targets, the stats and skills used by the defender may vary.  Muscle is factored into block, dexterity into parry, and agility into dodge.  Intuition is factored into all 3.

    So by targeting your weapon arm, I completely cut your block and muscle out of the equation.

    The amount of damage that you do when landing a hit is based upon the weapon type, weapon quality, muscle, and strength, with a random range.

    The amount of damage you take is modified by much (of any) is absorbed by armor.  The amount of damage you can take is determined by the points for that stat (i.e. score of 50 muscle means you can only take 50 points of damage to muscle before incapacitated).

    So there are no hit points.  You can take only a certain amount of damage to each body part before going down. 

    You can get temporary "buffs" from different food types, with the chances of getting a small buff variable based upon food quality, with different types of food applying to different stats (i.e. plums can buff agility, apples can buff vision).

    The shield is its own hitbox, so you can aim for the shield, or try to maneuver your shield to decrease the attacker's chance of effectively targeting you.

    Also, there is a chance of bleeding from every wound.  Bleeds result in death if not stopped.  Treatment of injuries requires rags, and the chance of success is determined by separate skills.

    What they have is a very solid foundation for the combat system.

    Currently the system has some weakness that will hopefully be addressed.  RedBedlam is redesigning the combat system, although there is no word on what is changing, or when to expect it.

    Currently you cannot manually move the shield around, so turning your body and moving side to side are the only ways to manipulate the positioning of the shield.  It does move during all the combat animations, but if you wanted to raise your shield on your own, you can't at this point.

    There is movement in the combat animations, but they are too predictable for veteran fighters.  There needs to be more variety in the animations.

    One cannot manually change the position of the head, such as by ducking or sidestepping.  This makes the head relatively easy to target.  Again, there is movement in the combat animations, but they are predictable for veteran fighters.

    I expect these things to be addressed, but of course I have no idea when or how.

    The system is real-time, with the ability to use different types of attacks (slashes, thrust, lunge, etc.) and individually target areas of the body or weak spots.

    This is not a complete overview of RV combat.  No doubt I have missed some things. 

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67

    Also, if you do decide to check it out, by all means look up the 18th Legion.  Even if you aren't interested in joining we'd be happy to help you out.

    We have a Ventrillo server, and you are welcome to ask questions on our forums. 

    We get a lot of jackass kids who don't know how to keep the game IN THE GAME, and try to sneak into our Vent, infiltrate us all the time, etc. (the standard mmo kiddie stuff).   If you want to stop by our Vent, please pm me on our site forums so I can have everyone expecting you.

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    thx alot man i have learned alot from what you have told me and i am seriously considering getting this game however it may be awhile before i get it as i have exams to do soon so it may be a while as i am hoping to do well. anyway even if you have missed some stuff out then i dont blame you it seems very indepth and you dont have to worry about it. however the damage system seems familiar i have a game for the PS2 called colloseum road to freedom and the damage system seems very much like that. And i will be sure to look you up when i start playing pressuming you are still playing at this point. thanks very much for all your help.

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67

    I'm an addict, so I'll be around...unless I unexpectedly get a life or something. 

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    Lmao ok. oh yeh just remembered and i promise this is the last question is there any like mass battles? you kno like planned events with large amounts of people join to fight like an npc army or sumthin like that?

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67


    Originally posted by agarmir

    Lmao ok. oh yeh just remembered and i promise this is the last question is there any like mass battles? you kno like planned events with large amounts of people join to fight like an npc army or sumthin like that?
    The community as a whole is not very receptive to "staged" events.

    Most of what we would call battles have 8-16 combatants between Roman and barbarians.  Most battles occur when a group of fighters from one side raid the home of a guild or a town of the other side.

    Every now and again there are chance, unplanned engagements fought between groups of enemies.

    To date, the largest battle I have been in had about 25 players in it.  The most I have ever seen assembled in one unit to fight against enemy players is 18.

    Most fighting is PvP, although there are locations that are NPC-heavy for PvE.  For example, the 18th Legion recently took a squad of 12 to the barbarian town of Erring, where there are approximately 60 NPC celt defenders of several different types.

    Barbarian groups often assemble a raiding force and go attack on of the forts on Hadrian's Wall, which are manned by varying numbers of Roman legion and auxiliary NPCs.

    There are also groups of NPC bandits in random locations.  Groups of players go look for bandits to fight sometimes.  There are also random groups of Roman auxiliaries that attack barbarians.

    Just days ago there was a battle in which approximately 15 barbarian players were coming through Hadrian's Wall and 7 players from a Roman military unit intercepted them (and got wiped out).

    On a rare occaision a "legendary" character run by one of the devs shows up with NPCs and attacks player areas. 

    The devs play a barbarian and a Roman character.   The Roman character is Ulpius Marcellus, the Governor of Britannia.  The barbarian character is Brudei, a Pict warchief.

    The size of battles is relative to the player population, rather than limited to a certain number of players. 

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    i kno i saidn no more question but this is a small one. can you choose to be a barbarian or a roman? you hinted at it but it was just to make sure if u could

  • TzitzimimeTzitzimime Member Posts: 15


    The two options to choose from are Roman or Barbarian. As a Roman, you can pick from a variety of ethnicities, starting in the town of Corstopitum as a slave. With time and hard work you can become a citizen, or flee and become a runaway to join the freemen. As a Barbarian, you can choose between ethnicities native to that the region at the time, such as Celtic or Pict, starting in the forts of Erring.

    Basically, the two sides are separated by Hadrian's Wall. The Romans in Corstopitum live south of it, the barbarians in Erring reside north. It is mostly a Red Versus Blue mentality, but there are some shades of gray. Guilds classified as cults for example, can have members from both the Romans and Barbarians. Some individual players exhibit this neutral mentality as well...





  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    Philz what is your username so that if / when i download you will get a bonus?

  • philz50philz50 Roma Victor CorrespondentMember Posts: 67

    philz50.  woot! 

  • agarmiragarmir Member Posts: 13

    or roma?

  • Sir-RealSir-Real Member Posts: 27

    His forum name (the one you need to enter) is philz50 as well.


  • BrutixRVBrutixRV Member Posts: 2

    A important consideration for new players, is which faction that a person would like to play. The roman side has something called Roman Provincial Law(RPL), that prohibits you from attacking other roman players. Their is exceptions but am not to familar with RPL, maybe a roman could explain it better. Barbarians have no RPL, so they can attack anyone, anywhere. All in all the roman side seems healthier, they have events and seem to get into roleplaying. Another aspect of the romans is that they seem to work as a team, and certain guilds can be strict ( Thats what I heard, i am not sure). Barbarians embrace freedom, so we don't really work as a team. There is much less barbarian veterans than romans (many reasons why, i don't want to get into it). To be honest barbarians seem to be younger gamers. Well I hope this helps deciding what side potential players would be interested in.

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