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Guild Wars or Factions

jdugge22jdugge22 Member Posts: 11
I have been playing World of Warcraft for quite some time and am looking to find a new game.  I have heard alot about GW and was wanting to know if I should buy the original or factions.  Whaat are the plus's and minus's to them both.  Thanks


  • hadzhadz Member Posts: 712

    I would go the original first...

    The storyline is longer, and has less of a steep learning curve. It's an excellent intro to the game. You can then take your max level prophecies characters into Factions, if you link the two games on your account.

    Factions ramps up really quickly and you're fighting max level enemies before you know it, even though your character may only be level 12 to 15, you're fighting level 20s. (Depending how you do your quests, but mostly this is the case) Nearly all of Factions' content is for max levels.

  • darkspendarkspen Member Posts: 1
    You should play guild wars then it is a great game i have been playing it for a while and still i am enjoying it.. pvp is alot differnet though than world of war craft ...i didnt like wow verry much but anyway... you should try it ... like the privace post you should do guild wars profacys first not fractions ...
  • AcertijoXAcertijoX Member Posts: 8
    How hard could it be to start playing in the Factions and not the Original?? Cuz i'd like to start with a new character like an Assassin and not a warrior or the other characters of the Original GW.
  • hadzhadz Member Posts: 712

    It's not hard at all.

    (One tip that makes it REALLY easy, is do all the quests on Shing Jea Island before bothering to get to the mainland. That includes trying out EVERY secondary profession and doing all their quests. You will be about level 16 by the time you leave for the mainland (where all the mobs are around lvl 20).

    If you don't want to make it easy, then just do all main quests, and you'll be level 11 to 13 when you hit the mainland...the mainland will then be a big challenge :)

  • AcertijoXAcertijoX Member Posts: 8

    All right.

    So lets say i buy Factions, and i like it so much, that i want to buy the Original too. Will i be able to connect them both?? or i can only do that if i buy the Original first and then the Factions???

  • hadzhadz Member Posts: 712

    Yes, you can just add the Prophecies key to the account you made with Factions, and they'd be joined. Exactly as if you'd done it the other way around.

  • bugzapperbugzapper Member Posts: 26
    My suggestion would be to start with FACTIONS. Reasons are that
    Factions contains more ways of playing. All the PvE stuff in terms of
    Story plus all PvP / GvG parts including faction fights.

    PvE Story in factions is a bit more fast paced and gives a good start into the game.

    For example i would say you level a Factions character to lvl 15 within 2 or 3 days max you need triple the time in Prophecies.

    The games connect together nicely so your characters can travel from one story plot to the other.

  • SoulferSoulfer Member Posts: 29
    I'm curious, why not Nightfall?  Sorry if that was a stupid question but I 'm looking towards getting a GW game too

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  • Teh_chumpTeh_chump Member Posts: 38
    i'd suggest you get them both. But if you'd have to choose only one i'd go with the original better storyline and continent is better in my opinion. Of course the Factions has the Assasin and Ritualist, but if you can live without them, choose Prophecies.
  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    If you like long , awesome game and you want too make your character good at PvE (Player versus Environment )choise Prophecies . If you like not long , intresting game and you want too make your character good agianst PvP ( Player versus Player ) choise Faction . I strongly recommend Prophecies ^^

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  • ShadowzielShadowziel Member Posts: 71

    wow is a real mmorpg and better community. guild wars is garbage and a crappy community.

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  • airslayerxairslayerx Member Posts: 21

    Originally posted by jdugge22

    I have been playing World of Warcraft for quite some time and am looking to find a new game.  I have heard alot about GW and was wanting to know if I should buy the original or factions.  Whaat are the plus's and minus's to them both.  Thanks
    sniff...wat about nightfall?!?!?!? eh, its fine

    What I think you should do is buy prophecies (the original), factions, and nightfall, and when it comes out, you should buy eye of the north which is the expansion pack. 

    plus-the picture quality is better than Wow's

    you can make a regular character, or you can make a pvp only character

    its free

    minus-Its so good, you'll never get tired of it(i know thats not really a minus buy hey, its the truth)


  • NartholdNarthold Member Posts: 21

    I have all three campains and for me factions was the weakest. I would start with the original. Factions has by far the worst story and worst game map.

  • andie123andie123 Member Posts: 11

    personally, i prefer factions, as it has a much better storyline, and new professions, but thats only my opinion.


    Depending on what type of game you like to play, PvP, or PvE.

    correct me if i'm wrong, but the orginal campaign didnt have PvP, as it was only introduced, along with titles and guilds, in factions.

    if you want to have a faster levelling game, then go for factions, since you can level up really quikly.

    OR, if you want to have a more serious gamelife, then go for prophecies, which is a lil bit harder to get used to, and get into the storyline.

    Really, it's all up to you, but, presonaly, choose factions

  • Unicorns_PwnUnicorns_Pwn Member Posts: 427

    I'll agree with those that say it's best to form an opinion in you own..

    My personal opinion was for the original Guild Wars. I actually couldn't stand  Factions or Nightfall. The settings just never caught my interest.

  • MaldusterMalduster Member Posts: 109

    I started with Nightfall, its fairly easy... too bad i think the game is pathetic...

    good luck trying the game, do try the trials first... and hope u find ur new game.

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