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look how popular this game is!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!

first post on this game!!!!


  • RurouniAngelRurouniAngel Member Posts: 11
    so how popular is this game???
  • GTTZGTTZ Member Posts: 9

    by the looks of it, not very

    life is time.....
    time is the key to death....
    but yet life is leading us to it...
    death is inevitable
    or is it...

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    About as popular as syphilis on a single's cruise.

  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    it actually doesnt look that popular

  • rygartrygart Member Posts: 5

    Ok so this game looks like it was part of a 30 year old MMORPG experiment gone horribly wrong...o.o

  • AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29


  • Psiho246Psiho246 Member Posts: 482



  • ArtermisArtermis Member Posts: 172


    I was one of the orginal owners of this game magiknights (aka beserker) and i left the game to well basically rott in about 2005 (could of been earlier than that).

    A revival was attempted by the co-owner but thats gone bad too.


    This game needs to be removed from as well, there is no game currently running or in development. I have a 2005 version but well thats just going to gather dust.

    It was once a great game, yes im biased but it was hehe. However the amount of idiots,hackers does wear you down. Was a free game and giving up time to put in security measures wasnt the way i wanted to go. So simply left it to rott.

  • LunarheartsLunarhearts Member Posts: 29

    cant register, cant connect, cant do anything. Too bad, some1 can remove this game from list?????


  • kori1119kori1119 Member Posts: 10
    Originally posted by mike480

    it actually doesnt look that popular


    i agree with it


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