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Is Runescape really addicting?

narutoimpnarutoimp Member Posts: 10

Yes i think that runescape is addicting because i am trying to play other games and i cant all i think is about runescape all the time there i not one day that i dont play runescape so to everyone who reads this if u dont want to be addicted by a boring game like runescape dont play it u get bored then u like it i know wat i a typing dont play it.


  • PvtCaboosePvtCaboose Member Posts: 80

    Gameplay is addicting, graphics make you want to puke.

  • firetkfiretk Member Posts: 3

    The game was great the first year i play it (addicting)

    I love it so much.

    The game got so addicting that i allmost spent  my hole day playing it.


  • hambuzerhambuzer Member Posts: 10

    i like the game but i am now banned because i told someone a website that will help him in a quest...  so now i cant  play for now.  i hope that i can play soon... :)


    (¯\-- Please Jagex, another chance? --/¯)

  • DemonicpresDemonicpres Member Posts: 7

    jagex is really <Mod edit> and i'd advise everyone to stay away from the game until they
    1). Change their new updates. (Not likely)
    2).Make new updates to counteract their crappy choices of the past (eventually will happen but I heard summoning was crap)
    3) just stay away and dont bother wasting your time and/or money

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    *thinks jagex pots subliminal messeges that make you play it in the game* ... otherwise why would people play such an awful game as long as they do? Once you get away from it for a while you wonder .."why did i play that  when it  was so bad in comparison to other games?"

  • RajaiRajai Member UncommonPosts: 331

    a lot of people might not agree with me but back when this game had the bad graphics it was so much more fun

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  • ningastyle47ningastyle47 Member Posts: 19

    I heard that like when Runescape was in Closed Beta or Open Beta or whatever. That they PvP was enabled as soon as you left Lumbridge. That's just sick to me, but a little to hardcore I guess =/

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    yes originally runescape was wilderness everywhere.  Then they made banks people huddled in them and dared each other to step outside the banks and they would die .. fast.  That was the whole game basically at that point. Though in light of their recent updates that is a better game than what it is now. lol

  • Mr.HappyMr.Happy Member CommonPosts: 64

    It's addicting for awhilre, then after awhile, you think "I spent all that time for this bullshit game?" That's what I thought anyway, and I have moved on, but I need a new MMO, Rs was me First.... But I'm not complaining...

  • AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29


  • MaldusterMalduster Member Posts: 109

    I played it for 5 or 6 years, on and off...

    Even after playing games like WoW etc I still would play RS.

    But in December, 2007 - I quit RS for good and never plan to log in again, I gave away 722M to friends and random people... And got my account banned on purpose.

  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    I had so much fun with runescape like two years ago but now its not half as fun or addicting.


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