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Please help me find a new game!

tapeworm00tapeworm00 Member Posts: 549

Hi there to all benevolent souls who actually got into this thread to say something!

I've been playing MMOs for some time now, and the good part of it all is that I play with my brother via LAN, which for me has always been fun times. Anyway, City of Heroes/Villains has been our "mainstay" MMO for the last three years. I truly like the game, but we've worn it off to the point of boredom, even when we're being stupid while playing, chatting, or whatever. It was his first MMO, so you know the feeling. I have played other MMOs though, like DAoC and Planetside, by myself. I'm sure he won't like those a lot.

In any case, in our search for a new game, we've tried D&D Online and WoW, and didn't like them too much. They were fine for a couple weeks or three and then they bored us. We're contemplating on buying LOTRO, but it's a tough call. Tough enough as to me being here asking for you guys' opinions and recommendations.

We really like action-styled paces, worlds that aren't too complicated or too tedious to get through and about, and fun PvE (quests that don't feel too generic) and good PvP... everything else is just flavoring, and we'll get to it as long as it's fun (like crafting). Oh, and we hate grinding when it comes in considerable amounts. I mean it's fine for a little while but not all the time.

We got our targets on trying LOTRO or Guild Wars, but we're not too sure. What do you guys think? What games would you recommend? I don't care if it's a free MMO or a pay to play one. We want to keep our hobby a "busy" thing at least until Warhammer Online comes out.

Thanks a lot in advance for your input!


  • RyusukeiRyusukei Member Posts: 1

    Hey there,

    Well I'm guessing you still looking for any other new games to play right? Maybe I have a solution for that one but I'm not really sure if your interested on looking at it or not but you can give it a try.

    Ever hear of a game called Lunia? Its really fun to play though, although its a bit hard from the start but well with friends in there to help out, it would now be much of a problem to do it. When I started playing OB, I wonder like "Wow... What the heck I should do in here anyway?" It was rather confusing but since they have a tutorial for it, I was pretty glad back there. In the game ( well my name started as Ryusukei and I was a knight in server Soldin (Europe and USA) )Yeah before I was rather like a "Lone Ranger" since I always goes around in battles without any company at all and guess what, I got killed... a lot and still a newbie for it back then. After a while, lots of people generously tries to help me out to clear all the place. So you can say its really fun to play with people in there ^_^. Yeah I've got about lvl 27 now because the help from my friends. Helping others is also one my my things I like to do such as giving items to newbies and help them throughout the quest.

    Yeah I did try playing some other online games but somehow it ended up getting pretty bored since its almost all the online games I've play, example like Rangarok Online, RAN Online and some others more has the same systems like using your mouse to move around but Lunia have covered up the boredness out of it.

    Well if you want to give it a try, here's the link for the place

    Well I hope this will help you find a new games to play ^_^

  • HexxeityHexxeity Member Posts: 848

    Guild Wars will probably tide you over.

    If you didn't like WoW, you probably won't like LOTRO (or EQ2 for that matter).  None of them have the fast pace of CoH.

  • markmellowmarkmellow Member Posts: 2

    Well lets see, I've been playing tons and tons of mmo's and i know what you mean about the boredom of grinding and stuff like that.  Well for the mmo's that you talked about that I've actually tried myself is Guildwars, which is a fun game but its WAYYYYY too stressful for pvp.  I think the term "rage quit" comes from that game :P ... WoW does suck, forced paying monthly for a single game?  from what i hear that game is just like nothing but grinding along with D&D and whatever.....

    So basically i went and tried to search for other mmo's after Guild wars and i found out about this game called lunia, as what the other person mentioned about.  The thing thats kinda cool about this game is that its arcade-ish, like the type of thing that i would spend quarters on back in the day.  So it feels kinda cool the fact that its like an arcade game turned mmo.  About grinding in this game, although many people do, (which i think is really stupid of them) you dont at all have to.  The way this game works (which I love) is that its kinda megaman-ish or sonic-ish, as in its all about finding the patterns of bosses and dealing dmg  when their open,  So if you ever liked the megaman boss fights type thing this is the game for you.  My character inkblot from the soldin server beat this boss called legendary drake in like lvl 30, when it took other ppl like lvl 47 to beat.  Thats the way the game is, lvl counts but if you're just that good, you can do anything so its fun like that, and thats why in this game you dont need to grind at all.  If you wanna compare it to something even though the game is unique, i would say its sorta like Diablo 2 (which is a highly popular game) and its action-arcade ish.  The thing about lunia however is that its new, has an anime theme, and its free!!!!

    and the pvp in this game... well... its intricate and simple at the same time.  If you're wondering if the pvp in this game is fun, HECK YES. heres a clip from youtube. Im personally very well known in pvp myself, so yah i can vouch for how fun the pvp is.  of course that clip is of pro's in korea so you dont  expect your actual pvp to be at all that hard.  anyways check that game out for a couple weeks and see if you like it, its free so you got nothing to lose.  Remember, i quit GW for this game :P

  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Member CommonPosts: 2,663
    Originally posted by markmellow
    Remember, i quit GW for this game :P

    well, I quit GW for the TR beta...and still thin I made a good choice...I also went back to WoW and realized how much it sucks was awesome pre-TBC, though

  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

    maybe these games can help you and your brother:

    With Your Destiny



    Granado Espada

  • sh4dowst4lkrsh4dowst4lkr Member Posts: 208

    CoH was good to me I mean I got bored of WoW and stuff, but right now I dont see anything worth playing,

    for the future though, thats if you guys can hold out for a few months, definately try AoC when it comes out or Stargate Worlds, which I am really looking forward too, new guild wars might be ok... sorry but I guess we dont agree on this but I reckon WAR wont be that great, its just not a good time for MMOs now I have turned to Team fortress 2 and CoD4, along with C and C on the side.


    Oh worth mentioning if your up for the hardcore sci fi scene eve is certainly interesting amd worth with an in depth economy and a story line that is pretty immaginative, PotBS might be alright if you are looking for something different, but for the game the server you choose  is important, I though it wasn't too bad.

  • VultureSkullVultureSkull Member UncommonPosts: 1,774

    Don't buy LOTR,  just do the free trial, and see if you like it then buy it if necessary,

    same with Eve Online, they are offering a 14 day trial.

    Have you thought about Tabula Rasa, dont think it has a free trial at the moment but it maybe worth a look.



    FFS the OP posted this in August 2007!

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