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What type are you? seeker or maker of party.

wrongfeifongwrongfeifong Member CommonPosts: 405

Just curious.



  • EvilxBunny20EvilxBunny20 Member Posts: 65

    erm neither... I do Seeking and Making depending on my mood, or want i want to do in my downtime.

  • snipergsniperg Member Posts: 863

    Well i am in between the second and the third. Because I normally play only "tanking" jobs I rarely have to make my pt's.

    A lthough if I wait for more than 20-30mins I tend to make  my own pt's these days since, waiting an hour or so not being able to do something doesn't sit very well with me.

    A friend is not him who provides support during your failures.A friend is the one that cheers you during your successes.

  • TomohrTomohr Member Posts: 14

    I would always try and find people for parties when I was playing ffxi.  I was a blm and so it was easy for me to find a party, but it was even easier for me to just put one together, I felt at least.  But then there was beast master and didn't think about parties any more.  But, of course that has it's ups and downs


  • Tri_EdgeTri_Edge Member Posts: 26

    well, hnosetly ill be whatever i need to be whenever i need to do so

  • iinnttddiinnttdd Member Posts: 47

    none of these choices, i will choose according to my mood at that time.

  • k11keeperk11keeper Member UncommonPosts: 1,048

    Well i chose 3 on your little poll but I have to say when i want to pt i look to see what jobs are seeking constantly and if there is the right amount of people and jobs i go for it and start a pt but sometimes it just ends up being a pld, rng, and nin i get an invite before the right people are on seeking.

  • Jo-GamerJo-Gamer Member Posts: 120

    I farm while I seek, and if I do notice enough varity of jobs I'll attempt to bring a party together. ^^

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