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help! RenderDevice create error

mencemence Member Posts: 4

"Renderdevice create error!"

WTF? When the client starts an window opens with that...

What can I do???

Heelpp!! :p

/o/ ;p


  • NovoskiNovoski Member Posts: 2


    What I found is that is is not the install of the game nor the Sframe.exe software.

    This works so try this. I have a 8800GTS video card but you should still have this option with a older video card and new

    drivers. Open the NIVIDIA control panel and go to "Manage Custom Resolutions". Tick the box that says "Treat As HDTV" and apply.

    Thats it, fixed. No more "RenderDevice Create Error".  Well... for me anyway. Let me know how you get on.

  • NovoskiNovoski Member Posts: 2

    ...btw I left a message with the same info at BleepingComps for you as well...

    see ya.

  • kidflash05kidflash05 Member Posts: 10

    I had the same error before.

    In the end, the soultion was to install a set of drivers called Omega Drivers. Google it, you'll find it. They are made for gamers who can't get their orginal drivers to work.

    Good luck! :D

  • fantikainenfantikainen Member Posts: 1

    What i need do? i down load those omega drivers to my computer and i install them. i can play about 10 minutes and then error come back!?!?!??What i can do to this??? Arggh...

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