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Gameplay in PotBS, what do you want?

Hi all,

To add a new discussion here on the new forum for PotBS: what kind of gameplay do you want in PotBS, at the start in R1 (release1), and later on?

We don't know exactly what features there will be in PotBS, but still we can discuss what we like to have in PotBS!

I myself really hope that there will be strategic (PvP) combat and that grouping is easy. I love to sail with a group and make sure that we will find or destinies save. The game should be reasonable hard (what it probable will be), so that you are not save on (all) open waters. In that case the game will be a little scary, what hopefully will make the game not boring at all.

In later releases I hope that they will make the game even more beautifull, with crew on the ships, nice ports etc. But understand my good, I am not one of does people that wants crew now and will otherwise not play the game. I hope for crew and ports in later releases, when the game is going nicely and the time is there. For gameplay, I hope that you will be able to create businesses on sea and on land.

I wonder what other kind you would like in PotBS, please let me know!!

Ahoy, landpeople!



  • CostaniusCostanius Member UncommonPosts: 229

    they said they want to release features and new content with different stages called R1, R2 etc.

    R1, the first release version, will concentrate on the core game: sailing, combat and

    Life is too short to play bad games.

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