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I need money!

htid2k8htid2k8 Member Posts: 4

I am currently making a slow return to RS and I want to know which non-member skill(s) will earn me the most money...

Say which skill and why...thnx for all your help...


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    Well im not sure the best and quickest way to get money, but ill say what i did when i was a free player. When i was a newbie i got up most skills but i got money from mining ores then smithing them into weapons/armour then sell them at a shop. When i got better i mined iron for 100ea and then coal for 150-200ea. Then i got my woodcutting up to cut yews. They are worth quite a lot, and now with most of the macroers gone it should be better. Im sure lots of people did other things


  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    best ways on runescape to make money :


    1.  selling  steel bars to players. ( grand exchange)

    2. selling iron or coal ores to players. ( grand exchange )

    3. selling yew logs to players. ( takes longer)


    1. stand in party room  when Jagex makes bad updates and wait for all the high level players to drop all of their stuff and pick it up. ( and no i am not kidding )

    2. high level clue scrolls. ( sell items in grand exchange)

    3. slayer and high level monster drops such as god wars dungeon,  barrows, mithryl dragons, king daggnoths. sell them in the exchange

    4. runecrafting deaths and nature runes sell to other players.

    5. mage training arena. when you get enough runes go get enough points in mage training arena and spend them on mages books and  sell them to players. better $ and xp than fletching and alching alone.

    6.  fletch and alch  ( more so for mage xp at same time but as long as you don;t spend it all you can make a profit.

    7. sell pure ess.

    there are various ways to make $ from a variety of skills but it is harder earned. high construction for example can give you the ability to sell in demand items such as costume room accessories that provide other players with more bank space. It is harder to make a profit from skills such as herblore for example simply because of supply and demand.  The need for potions has been greatly reduced since the removal of the wilderness. you can still make a profit off of dragon hides and bones, but the price on bones has greatly dropped since the introduction of easier ways to level the prayer skill. Supply and demand has been affected most by the loss of the wilderness because people are not needing to  replace pking items as they once did, and are no longer in need of huge supplies of items such as sharks, potions, d boltz,  pure sets ect. Since the game is now more skiller based you will not have as many players buying items on the fly like they once did, you will have players trying to level skills easier such as raw lobsters and sharks to level their cooking faster, logs and bowstrings to level fletching faster,  dragon hides to level crafting, raw ores and lower level bars to level smithing. herbs  are more valuable than the potions they are made in to because you cannot get herblore levels with  finished potions.  Basically the concept of making $ faster is a sacrifice of your own xp in those skills. Finished products in runescape are worth less than the materials they are made out of. 




  • firetkfiretk Member Posts: 3

    The best way to make money on runescape is to fish at i high level like 50 or to mine.

    If you are a miner go mine coal and sell for 150 ea you make a great money. The higher you get the beter you mine the most money comes from rune ore you can sell 500 to 1000 ea

    If you are a fisher you can sell tuna for 50ea lobster for 100 ea and sword wish for 150 ea but remember to not cook it. If you do cook it you should sell it for less.

    Get a rune pick.

  • nbb1993nbb1993 Member Posts: 4

    i say the best way to make money is mining. if you get your mining lvl up to 60 you can enter the special mining guild and then you can really make some money. PEACE

  • htid2k8htid2k8 Member Posts: 4

     Thx evryone for helpingg

    I think I'm gunna either make a skiller in mining and smithing or a warrior with mining and smithing


    Thx again!


    If yhoo want to add me my user is -------- Get Rave


  • hambuzerhambuzer Member Posts: 10

    i think for you woocutting will be a good way. it depends of your woodcutting lvl.

    if you are over 45 cut some maples until you get 60, then cut some yews. they are long to cut but a good source of gp.

    if you are tired of woodcutting, mine some coal and then sell them in grand exchange.  you can also make steel bars (longer but better $).

    i think thats the best way for f2p.

    hope that ull get rich quick :)


    (¯\-- Please Jagex, another chance? --/¯)

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