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"Noob" Help! Please!

Shador_IrinnisShador_Irinnis Member UncommonPosts: 46

So far I have two basic, and probably stupid, questions

1st - How do I rest after losing HP during a fight? I can't believe I don't get this =D /sit didn't help me =(

2nd - I was told that foods are very nice, however the only things I can find on the AH are wayy wayy outta my price range. Any suggestions there?



-Shador on Asura (sp?)



  • Jo-GamerJo-Gamer Member Posts: 120

    Hi!  Are you on PC?  If so, to rest you just need to press the * button and you'll kneel and rest.  It takes a little time, but your HP/MP will go up.  Also regarding food, it can be expensive at first...  At lower levels you don't really need food until 15-20, and by then you should be able to afford some Mithkabobs or something. :)

  • Shador_IrinnisShador_Irinnis Member UncommonPosts: 46

    Thanks for the Reply!


    Also, whneever I level up my job, must I seek out a trainer, or does all of my abilities and things happen automatically?


    Thanks AGAIN!

  • ParkCarsHereParkCarsHere Member Posts: 666


    Originally posted by Shador_Irinnis

    Thanks for the Reply!
    Also, whneever I level up my job, must I seek out a trainer, or does all of my abilities and things happen automatically?
    Thanks AGAIN!

    You can also press CTRL H to rest... the more you know! :P


    As for leveling up, as soon as you level your hp and mp will go to 100%, but that's it. You don't learn anything automatically. If you are a caster you must learn your spells from a spell shop, or, in the cases of some other spells, at the AH. Always look at the shops first though because they will be considerably cheaper than what is on the AH.

    If you're a melee then I'd assume you still get abilities from a shop although I'm defintely not the person to ask.

  • Jo-GamerJo-Gamer Member Posts: 120

    No for melee's such as Warriors and Monks you do not need to buy any skills.  You gain new weapon skills by constantly using the same weapon and leveling up.  You get your first weapon skill at level 10 when you have capped your weapon, also as you level you gain new job abilities. :)

    Keep in mind to speak to all NPC's you come across, often there are quests to do to get fame and Gil.  Also the guard at the gate house can give you missions to do to boost up your rank.


  • ErhunErhun Member Posts: 170

    resting = ctrl + H.

    you automatically learn skills except for spells. you learn spells through scrolls. The scrolls must be bought or you have to do a quest for them and some are drops from mobs. The scrolls will list what level each job must be to learn it, you will only need one job at the specified level to learn the spell.

    Heres a tip. If you get enough gil buy some potions and antidotes. I always used them soloing from 1-11 before a party and even then I continued to use them in pt's and it saved me a few times. ESPECIALLY the antidotes, they cost but they are so worth it.

  • SatimasuSatimasu Member UncommonPosts: 900

    I would recommend you check out the sticky at the top of the forum. Don't forget to get your signet from the guards at any of the gates in the city. Those get you CP (Conquest Points) which you can use to buy things from those guards in your city. One of the things you'd want to get immediately is an Empress Band after you get 1000 CP. It will give you a 1000exp boost every 16 hours and you don't need to wear it to have the effect on.

    Also, which signet, you'll get crystals to drop from the monsters you kill. You can sell those in stacks of 12 or singles in the AH. Make sure you check the NPC vendors as well for weapons and armor before the AH. They are usually cheaper when it comes to lower level stuff. When you're done with them, you can just sell them to the AH for a profit usually. If ya got anymore questions we'll be glad to help.

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