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Nexon's gone and done it again!

MakeiiRunoruMakeiiRunoru Member Posts: 2

From Nexus TK to MapleStory, to this. It appears that the Nexon crew is really starting to get into this MMO thing. From what I see in the trailer, it looks like this game is going to feature what other MMOs don't have: a sense of living communities and a style that makes you feel like the game doesn't revolve around seemingly endless days of grinding.

I just got my closed beta key from, so I'm going to be trying this thing out as soon as it's finished downloading. In the trailer, I've seen singing, playing musical instruments, harvesting, cutting meat, and a lot of things that look pretty fun to me. They haven't excluded battling, either, which is a great value to have if implemented right. From what i saw, it looks like they're using a different combat style instead of that of WoW. Perhaps they'll consider the style witnessed in DarkAges?

Nexon is mostly known for MMORPG's actually. They started off with Nexus TK back in the 90's, which is still a pretty well populated game having been existant for about 10 or so years. They then came out with DarkAges and Shattered Galaxy (A strategic sci-fi game - looks like Starcraft). Since then, they've used these games as a source of critique to develop newer titles, like MapleStory and Mabinogi.

Well, Maplestory might have done a better job if they had eased on the EXP crunch and the consistant lailing of a weapon and/or spells. I really appreciated the 2D style of a platformer being used in an MMO, though. I gave them credit for that ^^. However, MS tended to get really boring once you hit the 20s.

Enough of the past. Let's see what the future holds with this game. I might even get hooked.


 -- Makeii


  • ninjanerd202ninjanerd202 Member UncommonPosts: 31

    Pretty good review for the game!


    However you make it sound like Nexon created Mabinogi and MapleStory. That makes it not really their choice when it comes time to determine the combat system, unless of course they desire to give the game a /complete/ overhaul.

    In the cases of both MapleStory and Mabinogi, as well as a few others I'm sure, Nexon purchases rights to the game for the NA region, then translate to english, and work out any bugs caused by both the translation, and the version of the game code they recieved from the original Producers.

    look up the other Mabinogi's for more info. The biggest minute point draw of the game is the highly unique active combat system, the character customization (become pudgey, a twig, or a body builder based on what you eat to name one part), and the ability to compose music in game through " mml" code or Mabinogi Music Language.

  • MakeiiRunoruMakeiiRunoru Member Posts: 2

    I see :P. I've seen their name in a lot of places, but I can see you're pretty much right on that part. The other producers mentioned include Wizet for Maplestory and DevCAT for Mabinogi, as well as KRU Interactive for DarkAges / Nexus TK.

    I will look into it though.

  • mudkip9001mudkip9001 Member Posts: 37

    i've been playing in the closed beta, and Mabinogi is probably the most fun asian-developed mmorpg that i have ever played. there is plenty of social interaction and MANY unique aspects of the game which i have never seen in any mmorpg before. i hate to say it, but western mmorpg developers could learn a little from this game.

  • LimpyDiabloLimpyDiablo Member Posts: 2

    They didn't make mabinogi...

    Dev Cat did they published it there is a difference

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

    nexon is not even the publisher. they are just hosting the game in north america only

    nexon has no authoritiory over the game at all they are likely even locked into a contract for hosting the game and are totally at the whim of dev cat

    and yeah dev cat made the game

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