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I win!

Ecstasy25Ecstasy25 Member Posts: 24

Yep, I win the Mabinogi forum war. Tried this games Beta wasnt very impressed, even though i LOVE Anime.


  • curiindicuriindi Member Posts: 488


    I have seen coverage of this title by Asian MMO media for years now. As a game, it is not too impressive, but I am sure its Anime style art can bring in some fanbase.

  • Hooters82Hooters82 Member Posts: 5

    The only thing that's mildly entertaining about this game is the ability to create your own music. Other then that, it's a waste of time.

  • ninjanerd202ninjanerd202 Member UncommonPosts: 31

    I think the other interesting parts are the aging system, the fact you can get fat skinny or muscelly, the way combat requires active thinking and timing, all the different things you can do and strive for like titles items, and friends, and the laid back attitude of the game.


    but yeah, aside from that there wasn't anything worth playing.


    now where can I find a game that yells at me instead of asking me to relax and have fun?


  • RajaiRajai Member UncommonPosts: 326

    this game is mildly intriguing... like the combat system, it's not the same as click attack go afk for a minute while your character kills something..

    honestly though, i hate being tossed around like a beach ball when i fight anything..

    the music's cool, i haven't had a chance to try it but i listen to people play the zelda theme :)

    this game reminds me a lot of runescape..

     what i really hate about this game is they only open beta testing for a set number of hours per day..

    and they only let you have one character.. and if you want to delete that character you have to wait a day or so

    If they're going to have an "open beta" obviously people are going to want to try the game out, they expect everyone to be looking for bugs..

    playing this game kind of feels like a job in that aspect... a job you don't get paid for

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