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Help with Domo

Ok, ive gone through the download several times. Froze on me the first time and the second time it finished, but nothing happened afterwards, no files or anything. It was a good 2 hour wait. The game looks really good and i wish to play it. I run on freakin windows Vista. Other than that, is there any help you guys can give me?


  • DeramonDeramon Member Posts: 10

    Um, yeah, get rid of vista. As nearly everybody knows, vista sucks enormously. I'm a PC user myself, but everyone that I know who has had a vista made a contest to see who could kill their vista in the most horrible fashion. It was fun. Just get XP


  • amayamichikoamayamichiko Member Posts: 4

    Well first you need Administrator Privileges.

    Then go to:

    Control Panel > Programs> Use an older program with this version of windows (Under Programs and Features)

    Choose Dream of Mirror Online  then make it compatible with Windows XP.


  • fs23otmfs23otm Member UncommonPosts: 502

    Make sure you are DL'ing from Aeria games website and not Gamestribe.

    Gamestribe is for outside the US. THe US version of the game is host by Aeria games.

  • kevkirbykevkirby Member Posts: 8

    same exact thing happened to me. exept guess what? after about an hour of youtubing the install screen came and worked. i dont know this will help you, but this my experience

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