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What is Jagex triyng to do...My Theory

Shibley911Shibley911 Member Posts: 35

I am sure this topic has been brought up countless times, but i want to voice my opinion on it. Hopefully we all know about the Grand Exchange. In my opinion, it ruined runescape's perfect economy. It really had the best economy system out of every MMO out there. And they crushed it. So, what did they do after that, they released a new skill: Summoning to help us forget the failure they are. I am sickened at this. In my opinion, they are in store for a RS3, but we know that isn't coming because of these updates they just did ( which was a massive update ) and they are also thinking about updating the graphics, so there is another reason not make RS3. Lastly, if any of you remember runescape classic, when that was dropped and RS2 was made, people got pissed and left. Luckily for Jagex, RS2 was a huge success they didn't have to worry about losing half of the classic players and making the other half start over. I think that will happen again in a couple of years. And the same thing will happen: Half will quit, half will go to RS3. But the only problem is, I don't think there is that much left of the gaming community to get to make RS3 a big success like RS2.  It will be interesting to see what happens. In conclusion to this big theory of mine, I think it is fair to say that this Grand Exchange has begun the slow fall of the Runescape regime in the gaming world. Well, thatnks for reading, if you read it all lol ( sorry it was so long ). Sorry, but I really wnatd to say this to someone.

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  • LlamsterLlamster Member Posts: 234

    Like many others before you, you forget about RWT.

    And I'm sickened that you are sickened that Jagex made a GOOD update because "they wanted to cover their mistakes". Stop being such a cynic.

    Jagex staff members have, time after time, stated that there is NO RS3 currently in developement.


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    The notion that graphics, or anything else for that matter, are anywhere near as important as gameplay/fun is so utterly ridiculous that anyone who shares such a view should be placed in an asylum.

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