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Does anybody know of a good skill based game currently available?



  • HotAznBoy90xHotAznBoy90x Member Posts: 45

    If you're looking for a P2P go to guild wars(Yes no subscription but I classify it as P2P, look at it this way. To PLAY the game you need to download it..right?To download it you need to BUY the game, which costs $$. You need to PAY for the download/CD so you can PLAY the game)

    Stay away from WoW.


    Guild wars has the most balanced PvP ever. Why?


    1. There are no uber gears that only gold buyers and botters can get. There are no godly upgrades and enchants. If you want you make a PvP Character and start with the best armor and the best damage weapon for your class. PvE characters can get that too easy peasy.


    2.You must choose a proffesion and a second one. If you want to be good at all you need to learn which profession go's well for your class. You are not your second proffesion BTW. Your second compliments your first.


    3.You must learn how to create the right skill builds for the right the right things.Don't worry about "OMFG WTFBBQSAUCE I messed up mah char omfg" youings. can change your stats in town and skill builds in town when ever you want. You can even change your second proffesion if you get midway(A quest)


    4.Again I repeat You must experiment and find the right skill build for the right thing.



  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Mabinogi is skill based...and it is cute! :)

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