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AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

  Whoa........ Mplestory......... I'm sorry to says this if your a beginers but uh..... Theres alot of scammers and MANY HACKERS THAT INCREASES EVERY SECOND!?!?!?!?!!  SINCED SOMEONE SCAMMED ME LIKE 158 TIMES I FELT LIKE DOING because I think hackers are NERDY WHICH MADE THEM LOOK LIKE 

 Right now i don't know how to solve this problem so this is why i think this game is such a JOKE WHAT THE HELL IS THE GMs DOING!?!?!?!? But if YOUR a scammer THEN GET A LIFE!!!!!


  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190

    if you got scammed you're simply a newb.. ive played the game for 3 years.. ive never been scammed once...


  • AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

     lol im not a noob im like lvl 30 i think your an alien

  • BassiqBassiq Member Posts: 33

    Ninix is right

    if you got scammed youre a noob

    I'm 45 and I never got scammed and my friend is 90 and he never got scammed too.

    If you were a little smart you know that a lot of guys try to scam you...

    So I think your a  and a  and a  too

  • AznChimpGuyAznChimpGuy Member Posts: 29

    lol ya i am a noob im not lvl 30 im lvl 10 heheheheh

  • AhnilatorAhnilator Member UncommonPosts: 81
    Originally posted by AznChimpGuy

    lol ya i am a noob im not lvl 30 im lvl 10 heheheheh

    Huh, go away. Please, for the sake of this forum.


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