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Here is what i look for :)

m00r3m00r3 Member UncommonPosts: 27

Well guys i am tired of Grind Fest's.

I am searching for a game that has good graphics(not too good that wants 2Gb ram or 4500+Processor)

I want it to have a easy lvl up.Like max lvl is 150(for example) and it will take you solo 1 week(3-4h a day) to make 150.

And ofcourse PvP!I want alot of pvp.

I will like raids too like WoW.But its not that important.

And ofcourse have good skills system and etc.

Please post your reccomendations.

I wanna play something exiting so pls help me


  • sn0w_anci3ntsn0w_anci3nt Member Posts: 7

    wow, i dont think u can get 2 a max lvl in a game in only 1 week....

    idk wat 2 put

  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Why would you want too?

  • m00r3m00r3 Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Because i am tired of games that have cool stuff and etc and u need 1 year of grinding to get a max lvl char and another 1 year to see how will be another class char at max lvl and etc

    I just want to have a max lvl char in 1-2 weeks and pvp and raid and search for items alot...

    so if someone has suggestions i will be verry happy to hear em

  • bobfishbobfish Member UncommonPosts: 1,679

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, out there like that. Guild Wars is your closest and it's only lvl 20.

    Buy an account if you don't want to level up.

  • april12april12 Member Posts: 8

    Sounds like ur asking for Guild Wars to me. Graphics r great, but not 2 demanding. U can level to 20 in a weekend and buy all the skills packages so u don't have to do the gobs of post 20 content. Actually, if u aren't interested in questing/going to instances, u could just create a PVP char & not have 2 level at all. PVPing in GW takes talent, and is awesome. It helps to have a good guild.

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