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Warrior range or mage?

htid2k8htid2k8 Member Posts: 4

I am making a return to RS with a new account and am wondering which combat style to focus all my attention on. Either Warrior/Melee, range or mage?

Please say which and why...thnx for your help



  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    If your just starting up again, then I would go with warrior, since it is the less expensive class.  Mage is the most expensive, rsange is the middle, and warrior is the least expensive(although it is not any worse then any others)

  • Shibley911Shibley911 Member Posts: 35

    I agree with mike with his reasoning, but also because warriors get your combat up the most because you can get 3 skills up with warrior, so your combat lvl is highest

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  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    The way the combat system is set up it is better to not level combat too fast if you level combat too fast you are easy to kill. You are more effective if you make your player the strongest it can be for your level.  I would say level range first and range things that drop runes to level mage. focus on mage and range  then work on mellee because then you get lots of free levels from melee without raising combat too fast.  prior to the wilderness being nuked, my lvl 70 with 85 range and 94 mage was able to kill lvl 105's easy.  Though areas to pvp in runescape are crap now, they did nothing to change the basic mechanics of the powerful pures and range mage hybrids.  Barraging and dbolts or d arrows is still the most effective way to kill. Though if you are just wanting a to kill monsters  melee is all you you need other than some mage to teleport around.  I also had a 122 with 99 98 98 melee stats that i got bored playing on because melee gets boooring. The game was alot more fun on my mage range hybrid.

  • htid2k8htid2k8 Member Posts: 4

    Thnx for all your help...i think i will go with you said cheapest and cozz i am just starting again


    thnx again

  • ZmogusZmogus Member Posts: 3

    warrior(but train others too for bh). couse with range mange you wount be able to fight boses like bandos or kq

  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    Start training meele and range first.


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