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free to play..?

ClangClang Member Posts: 16

I'm looking for any free to play game that has at least some of these


-crafting.. mining, fishing, whatever, just something to do if you don't want to grind all day

-decent character customization

-newb friendly community

-i don't care about graphics no matter how bad they are even if they look like from the 1990's

-pvp (optional)


Incase you're wondering, games i played

Maplestory - was very addicting but after 2 years, got bored

Trickster - about a month and i got bored..nothing to do there

Lunia/pi story/last chaos - didn't work on my computer right >_>

fiesta - total lag fest and bot fest

runescape - wouldn't be asking this if they haven't of f**ked up this game







  • GaligerGaliger Member Posts: 6

    You could possibly try FairyLand.

    It has Crafting/Mining/MetalWorking/Hunting/Cooking etc.

    Doesn't have great character customization though.

    The community was newb friendly. (I got some free pets/gear from some nice players :D)

    Typical 2D MMO graphics.

    PvP is just Duels im pretty sure, don't think its really popular there though.


    Anyway, it has things to do other than grinding all day.

    Http://Fairyland.lagernet.com   is the site of the english version.

  • darkayendarkayen Member Posts: 9

    You also might try RF Online, can always sit in a mine instead of grinding.

  • ricma985ricma985 Member Posts: 84

    U can also try a DOMO - Dream Of Mirror Online.

  • GalactaLlamaGalactaLlama Member UncommonPosts: 42

    A game I've been beta testing is Mabinogi, and it looks really cool :)

  • april12april12 Member Posts: 8

    I love crafting, too. It was one of my favorite parts of WoW, back when I was willing to give Blizzard money.

    If Last Chaos and those others didn't work on ur machine, Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) is the only choice I can think of. It allows u quite a few options in character creation. It's one of the few f2p games out there that isn't pure grinding and has a fair newbie tutorial. 

    The cutesy anime in it may not be ur thing. Kind of Fisher-Pricy/carebearish. (I'm a girl, and I think it's precious).


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