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Is this game fun?

nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

hey since this game is now free and ive gotten ram i am playing on playing it but first i want some answers from you guys

1.Is is this game good and FUN?

2. Why is it good?

3.Why is it fun?

4. Why is it bad?

5.Why is it boring?

6.IS there f2p game better then this?why?




  • terr89terr89 Member Posts: 12

    Cause it's something new on the boring F2P market. You will love it your you will hate it. It has open pvp, and race vs. race vs. race action. Rest of the thing you will find by searching the official RF forums. For me- the game is awesome.

  • SasukeuzamakSasukeuzamak Member Posts: 3

    Depends what you think is fun. I ended up playing for about 3 days getting to level 22 IGN-Rhyzom but then I noticed the game was very repetetive and grindy. And fighting the same monsters got boring to me so i quit.

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  • MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284
    Originally posted by Sasukeuzamak

    Depends what you think is fun. I ended up playing for about 3 days getting to level 22 IGN-Rhyzom but then I noticed the game was very repetetive and grindy. And fighting the same monsters got boring to me so i quit.

    I'll agree with you here, the game is boring and repetitive if you don't PvP (since thats what the whole game is about). Which is why you got bored because the good PvP starts at 35+, but you only got to 22. I would suggest putting up with it till you get a taste of the action, then you'll love it. It's what happend to me, I hated the start with a passion but after going to my fair share of Chip Wars it was really good.

  • PainAeroPainAero Member Posts: 15

    it is fun if you like those kinda games

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  • MysticSideMysticSide Member Posts: 1

    Well really it depends on what games you like and if you like them i found this game good and exticting and was on it for many hours and i always wanted this game and i found out it became free i was really happy so really yes this game is fun and recommand it to anyone hope i helped lol

  • zanbanzzanbanz Member UncommonPosts: 89

    Well it’s a good game if you know what your doing but it doesn’t help much for a starter like me I have tried it liked it but it still needs to grow huge before proper in gamed experienced people can help.


  • twaynetwayne Member Posts: 49

    I have actually become addicted to this game. It's neat having leadership for a whole race and it actually works, and the community actually helping when someone has a question.

    plus, when you see what the higher level characters have, it makes you want to get to that point. B.MAU .. that's all I'm gonna say.

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  • KrausenKrausen Member Posts: 20

    Just to let you know , the strong point of this game is the pvp ( wich actually is one of the bests i've ever seen). So if you're not into pvp action, you shall find it repetive and bored, if you love pvp then this is your game.


  • LusafurLusafur Member Posts: 52

    Give it  a try. Then you will know if it is fun or not.  Can't just tell by people voting.


  • patrikd23patrikd23 Member UncommonPosts: 1,155


  • aiyinhowenaiyinhowen Member Posts: 3

    I think  it's fun but not very good!

  • shareadsharead Member Posts: 2

    It depends on what you define "fun" as. I have been the fan of this game actually.

  • BOYVIRGO666BOYVIRGO666 Member Posts: 158

    Originally posted by twayne

    I have actually become addicted to this game. It's neat having leadership for a whole race and it actually works, and the community actually helping when someone has a question.
    plus, when you see what the higher level characters have, it makes you want to get to that point. B.MAU .. that's all I'm gonna say.
    Bells FTW
    oh yeah right and the siege cannons for acc are small?

    acc rule


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  • RhalanRhalan Member Posts: 11

    As has been said before different people have dififferent opinions on games so you will have to try it out yourself decide. Here is how i feel about the game:

    1. F2p: I'm have a rule that there is no point paying monthly for a game that you have already bought. (The only game i would break the rule for that is out is Everquest2 maybe some day.) RF online fits this category. On top of that, i don't even have to buy it at all.

    2.Easy to Learn and Play: In the few days you will learn most of the game quickly. The quick tutorial at the begining teaches you all the interface stuff you need to learn. If you have questions all you have to do is ask a person or use the /map channel and most of the time your question will be answered. Most of the people i know including me have reastarted their character afte the first week because then understand what they have to do to make the perfect character. So as i was saying, yes it's easy to learn.

    3.Great Community: From what i have seen the players are great. As was already stated they are most of the time willing to answer questions from noobs and help them. I have yet to have problems with the people i have been grouped with at all. When i started my first character i joined one particular group, and now we are all in the same Guild and good IN-game friends(don't know em in real life so can't say   friends) But other then the rare arguments i see between higher ups (which is usally one dude just annoyed about some small thing) it is one of the friendlist mmo's i have played. I really can't speak for all the races though. I heard the the Accreatia race is full of jerks.

    4.Quest: This is the part that I would say needs the most improvement. All the quest are pretty much "Kill a whole bunch of mosters" There is not much in orginality in the quest at all. One of the things i don't get is that you are broadcasted your quest, yet all the npc have quest buttons that do not work when you click them and have no need to have the buttons in the game. Maybe they are planning to change the quest? Hopefully.

    5.PvP the pvp aspect is both good and bad. While it is fun to join the pvp battles most of the time it is pretty pointless to go to chip wars or go on raids till you are level 40. Every so often you might run into a person your level and have an epic 1 on 1 battle, but most of the time some high level from one of your races will come after a bit and kill the person in the  battle not a part of their race. Another PvP problem is that you can PvP on almost any map. This means that random high levels (45+) go to maps where the lowbies are and kill they for PvP points (cps). This can be very aggrevating for the lowbies trying to level going back and forth trying to find a spot with no higher level enemy. Over all decision on PvP: Don't bother much about it till lvl 40.

    6.Bots: For a while bots were spawning up all over. This especially happend when Codemasters was switching GM. Now though bots are rarely seen and if ever only in the newbie zones. Some of the times higher lvl players(cause everybody hates bots) will go on bot runs and kill all the bots in the newbie zone. Most of the time when you report a bot on a channel, someone (GM or player) will take care of it.

    7.Graphics: The graphics are not the best ever and definetly no where near the worst. The only thing i don't like is that the player is hollow and sometimes you can see a hole into your head(Usally only see this when you look up close and kinda hard for it.Graphics depend on what each player likes.  I would say that you should check out the graphics for your self. Over all though I do like the Graphics of this game.

    8.Codemasters and Updates: Codemasters is the Company that is now in charge. There are both good and bad things that I can say. From what I can see their customer is kinda in the middle. It does have room for improvent ment which i feel the company can do. One of the problems that i had is that they shut the severs down for over 1 day and would not tell us why under after it happened. They did work hard non stop over that time though showing that they do care about the game (and the money they make, it was some problem with the cash shops). The one thing that needs to be understood is that it is had for them to make updates. They have to work with the Korean Company which owns the game which makes it a longer slower process. Even though from what i can see, some great updates are on there way into the game.

    9.Overall Game Play: Over all the game play is enjoyable. It can get a bit repetative if you play by  yourself but when you play with others, it can be fun. Since character creation is limited and all the armor and weapons  is the same for each class you will see your twin a lot of the  time. Other then a few things though I truly do enjoy the the gameplay.

  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

    As someone who played this game for over a year (since OB phase two), I quit the game four times already. It was my first PvP game and I must say that it's the main attraction.

    -Why PvP was good? Unlike Linage 2 etc. you have race vs race vs race, so you can call for help and get it if you're in trouble, not every player can kill you... this however changed when game went F2P with Episode 2 patch.
    -The game is a basic Korean grindfest. Not only you have to kill tons of mobs to lvlup (mostly after lvl45, you can reach lvl30 solo in a day if you know what you're doing), but you have to "grind" your stat points as well.
    -You can compete with old players. This however depends on how much you're willing to spend on a cash shop, what kind of guild you're in and again... if you know what you're doing. Most old players reached lvl50 and stayed there for a long time (there's a really hard quest to unlock EXP bar at that lvl) or changed race/class/server or took a long break.
    -Why I quit this time? Episode 2 is constructed around cash shop. When you're a highlvl, it's hard to compete with everyone else if you don't use CS. Race/class imbalance issues. This is debated a lot. In Korea there are many race-A players and a few race-B players, so race-B whine a lot and get some help from developers, but in CM RFO (EU/NA) race-A has a few players and race-B with the biggest population thus imbalance issues.

    All in all RFO is pretty fun to play if you're into PvP. If you're against PvP 100%, it's not for you.

    Edited: Found a typo.

  • lovehua3344lovehua3344 Member Posts: 2

    Originally posted by Lusafur

    Give it  a try. Then you will know if it is fun or not.  Can't just tell by people voting.
    Yeah, you must give yourself the chance to experience it. Everyone has his own taste.

    So the best policy is to have a try~~

  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

    I too agree about trying games out, but I see people that say "well I logged in, played for XX minutes, logged out and uninstalled it". That's not trying out, it's something completely different. When I try some game out, I usually give it a full day at minimum. For simple 2D games a day "trial" is enough, but for more complex 3D games, you need a week or so to experience all features it offers. It even could be up to choosing the right class/race for you to get "into it".


  • redcap036redcap036 Member UncommonPosts: 1,230

    Go on give it a go....and you better choose the true race.....or I'll be waiting...
    It's FREE, It's FUN, it can be frustrating, it's not a quick game by any means, definitely a long term playing game that lets you sink your teeth into it. you want this one on your game list, it is worth spending the time to play it.
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  • mike480mike480 Member Posts: 75

    Personally i did not like this game because all it really was is training for the first 30 levels.  To add on to that, anywhere outside of the main race map was pvp, which made quests wrather hard for me to do.  Then again u dont have to take my word, i only played for about a week and a half...Sci-fi isnt really my thing anyway



  • EvilaEvila Member Posts: 2

    I started really enthusiastic, but got bored with it really quickly. The training was loooong and for me some items were just too easy to get. I wasn't too impressed with the 'wonderfull' *coughs* community too.

    On the other hand, the weapons look great and you switch gear pretty often.

    I guess it depends on personal taste (as usual) whether you like this game or not. In the end there's only one way to find out and that is to try it out!



  • nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

    lol wow this thread it still here


    Well i have been playing rf online now and it is grind grind grind

    Gota wait till lv 30 if u wana rvr


    this game worth it because of RVR thats it ..

  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

    well im tried this before and i do have lots of fun..

    actually one of the best mmorpg that i've had played...

    RVR is the best feature of this game... ^^

    i miss chip wars ^^

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