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Are you coming back?



  • peacekraftpeacekraft Member Posts: 189

    I rekon i will come back, good excuse to start my lowly level thirty elf again ^^ . Ill buy at least a month and see what the state of the game is before deciding whether to buy any more time.

    Its just the economy that worries me.

  • bojinxbojinx Member Posts: 172

    I will be coming back....once again.  Although this game is brutal when it comes to making enough adena to buy half decent equipment and watching your experience bar increase at a disabled snails pace, it is still a very rewarding game.  Yes this game can be pure frustration when you spend hours gaining experience only to die leaving you with less experience than  what you started the day with.

    This game was designed to fuel the hunger that so many hardcore gamers were craving.  There is no other game that gave you the satisfaction that Lineage II gives you when you reach the next level, gain enough SP to buy that one skill that you have been wanting to get for so long or finding a great deal over at Giran.

    This game is not the type of game where you can say to yourself "ok, one more level then I am going to bed".  

    I also think the community is great and much more mature than  many other mmorpg's.  People seem to be focused on the game and I very rarely here words like "noob"  or any of the leet speach you hear in other games.

    Bottom line yes I will be returning, the only reason I am not playing right know is  because I have been very busy at work and cannot commit much time to playing.

  • MudshovelMudshovel Member Posts: 79

    After trying Tabula Rasa I feel even more confused!

    It's that exact same thing that keeps me from returning, of course the grind can be an obstacle, but the economy is the worst of them all. I understand that marketing is the best way to make adenas, when your playing time is limited, I don't feel like wasting hours to find good deals... and then just sit to sell them back...


    They should really roll up an "action" server with higher rates...

    If I come back, i'll probably wait a few weeks after the expansion then roll up a Kamael, try to sell my C-grade stuff from my level 40 DA.


    Until then...

    Currently : chillin'


  • isurusisurus Member Posts: 396

    I never left, but

    I re-equipped my perma red lv70 PR so that he's ready for opening day of Kamael season.


  • solareussolareus Member Posts: 3,165

    Might grab a month just to PK all the noobie Kamels , it shall be a glorious slaughter !

    "Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" - Janis Joplin

  • dbchandbchan Member Posts: 3

    Not sure yet. Being away for 3 years, the only thing that stops me from reactivating my account is the fear of getting addicted again...

    Still haven't found a better game after all these years.

  • binary_0011binary_0011 Member Posts: 528

    look at the number of hours i have spent. I have enough.....grinding is nightmare.....

  • Viktor56Viktor56 Member Posts: 2

    I dunno I keep leaving and comming back, I am a university student though so if I stayed the whole time I would flunk out...some servers have become ghost towns I agree. Yet Hindemith, where I currently have a toon, does have a nice few people on, especially in Giran, Dion and Aden where the mid 30's and up are lvling. I do think however that L2 may become abandoned when Aion comes out, it does look really good...at least until L3 comes out in like 4 years :p

    L2 was my first though, I do really like it, just need to buy a new computer now where I have moved away from home for school...

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