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Alliance or Horde?

bethel9bethel9 Member Posts: 262

This is a hard question, i thought to myself the are pros and cons to both. I now have the answer!!!! Both..... A human Pally and an undead mage. No pun intended if you know about the palladins and undead.


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  • RegusRegus Member Posts: 489
    you forgot horde, i wanna play horde

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  • BlaxusBlaxus Member Posts: 21

    I find in a lot of mmorpgs, books, and movies are mostly featuring elves, humans, and dwarves.. It's looking very bland to me; the same alliances, races etc.. So, I've decided to join the horde with an Orc character. Seeing through the eye's of a bloodlusted or Thrall following orc is definently a point of view (rp) I'm looking forward to.

    Although, the story line has been left open ended so either faction can rp every which way to make things interesting for themselves. I believe this highly depends on the guild you decide to join as well.

    Good luck with the decision :)

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  • pooguy10pooguy10 Member Posts: 39

    HORDE POWER! a lot of my friends all wanna play allaince and it pisses me off because HORDE is soooo much cooler. TROLLS OMG i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the horde lands are pretty empty but they are still cool, the undead lands at least is quite well done





  • Perm2069Perm2069 Member Posts: 92

    like the other thread in the general discussion folder...

    it will be interesting to see what happens as it seems most people are leaning to playing the good guys(alliance), and not that many are going for the bad guys.  like i said in the other thread, i thought more people liked to play the bad guys because it was the cool thing to do.  i think that peoples views maybe changing, or there is a differant group of people playing this game.

    it will be interesting to see what happens if the pvp servers have an unbalance between the good guys and the bad guys.  will the great battle fields that they have made be useless because there is too much of the good guys?  we shall wait and find out what happens when the game launches.

    for now, and i'm pretty sure when the game launches, im going to set my sights on being part of the horde.  to me, ebing the bad guy in a video game is the 'cool thing' to be.  i dont know though, maybe times are changeing.



  • hell_fire_69hell_fire_69 Member Posts: 129

    I want to play both cant decide. Night Elf or Orc. hmmmmmmmm. Well orc are tankers but i want to be a orc warrior so i can tank right through  monsters. But night Elf i want to be a hunter have my dog sick the monsters then repediatly strike the monster with arrows.


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  • jubbincakejubbincake Member Posts: 134

    Im ging to play a night elfe hunter on an FvF server, it will be alot of fun i suggest you play on one too.

  • maguseomaguseo Member Posts: 39
    but its about time some people had a lil...EVIL in em

  • JamesBond007JamesBond007 Member Posts: 1

    Im deinitely gonna be in the Horde.i'm still curious about what to pick tho, i think in the begining im gonna make a bunch of guys to try things out.  Tauren warrior... Troll rogue...

    I think my choice will depend a lot on what sort of traits each race has.. ive heard that humans get some sort of bonus to skills and the elves get an ability to go stealth at night?  maybe im wrong.  sorry, that was OT

    Any how, HORDE ALL THE WAY.   evil people rock


  • DraclauDraclau Member Posts: 6
  • gaeria84gaeria84 Member Posts: 105
    Both are equally as good. I'd choose both anytime....

    *anticipating WoW*

    *anticipating WoW*

  • iddmitriiddmitri Member UncommonPosts: 671

    First char I would play Human, Paladin. Not yet decided about horde.

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  • heinrichoheinricho Member Posts: 252
    Both, but I am currently most interested in horde.  Will play alliance to play pally.  You only play half the game if you limit yourself to one faction.

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  • syndakitsyndakit Member Posts: 96

    Whats the point of making a poll, when you force people to vote for what YOU want?? Doesnt really show everyone's true feeling on the subject now does it?

    Im going horde all the way, I dont want anything to do with those wimpy gnomes, hippy Night Elves, rolly polly dwarves, or old fashioned humans. image

  • twpattersontwpatterson Member Posts: 12
    Im Goin Horde, A Orc Warlock.....seems interesting and fun, so why not?



  • twpattersontwpatterson Member Posts: 12
    image   And who In their right mind would be a gnome??? lmao a gnome goin up against a Tauren omg ive got to see that



  • sephiroth360sephiroth360 Member Posts: 95

    Horde Rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzz Power to tha Horde image

    im going to be a tauren dunno which class thou image

  • skliersklier Member Posts: 2
    I hope it will not be like in other games like R.Y.L or Knight Online -> all people go human and nobody orc/demon. I think there will be more people in Alliance than in Horde (i'm not sure but if it's like in RYL or KO...). I was all time in orc/demons in that games so i will be in Alliance this time, I want to be with the "goods" :) cu in game.
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