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Needing advice on building a gaming are my game needs

Pawpower1995Pawpower1995 Member Posts: 23

I would like to build a gaming machine to run the following:





all graphics and sound maxed out, and running "smooth as silk"

I would like advice on everything, graphics cards, mother boards, processors, hard drives, keyboards, power supplies, cases and OS systems.  I am talking everything.  I built my last system, but have been out of the loop for over two years.  I just need "WANT" a system that will run all the above, as maxed out as they can be with NO loss of game play due to slow down.  Now lets keep it to the best price possible.  I know I can go out and spend over $5000 and above for a system.  But I have a wife and three kids, and all the bills that go with it each month.  But, tax refund season is upon us.  Give me some ideas, thanks so much.

Daviar Killsway
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  • VyethVyeth Member UncommonPosts: 1,461

    it seems that every conversation like this always ends with the numbers 8-8-0-0 usually with a combination of G's, T's, S's and X's.. So I suppose as far as video card power and perfection go, you cannot go wrong with that as a start... As for everything else someone else may have the answers..

  • TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

    Unfortunately we don't know how AOC will run since it has not released, there is an NDA, and they are not going to stress test the game with an open beta.  Also I read that they will not drop NDA till after the game goes live, but not sure if this is just a rumor or not.  But based on the parameters you set I don't see how this information could be reliably obtained.

  • Varlok91Varlok91 Member Posts: 396

    Can you tell us whats the max your willing to spend? And do you need a monitor?

    Desktop - AMD 8450 Tri Core, 3 gigs of DDR2 800 RAM, ATI HD 3200 Graphics, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    Laptop (Dell Latitude E6400) - Intel P8400, 2 GIGs of RAM, Intel X4500, Windows XP Professional

  • Pawpower1995Pawpower1995 Member Posts: 23

    TO be honest, I need to keep it under $2500.00.  My wife would kick me out.  LOL  I have a monitor, but will most likely get another one.  Thanks for the comments guys!!  Keep them coming,  I am very much listening to each of you.

    Daviar Killsway
    Smuggler for hire

    Looking for a guild in SWTOR

  • Varlok91Varlok91 Member Posts: 396

    Monitor - Acer 22 inch - $285

    OS - Vista 64-bit Home Premium OEM - $111.49

    Keyboard - A basic keyboard has always worked for me, but thats just my opinion. ~$50

    Mouse - Again I am not sure about a mouse either. I bought mine about two years ago, don't know whats out now. ~$50

    Motherboard - EVGA 780i Motherboard - $260

    Processor - Intel e8400 - $230

    RAM - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair DDR2 800 - $130

    Video Card - 2 x EVGA 8800GT - $480

    Power Supply - PC Power and Cooling 610 watt - $120

    DVD Burner - Samsung DVD Burner - $34

    Hard Drive - 500 GB Seagathe 7200.11 - $120

    Case - Antec P182 - $140

    Comes out to a little over $2000. Should be able to play just about anything maxed out too.

     Edit - If you want a bit more graphics power you can upgrade to two 8800GTS 512mb cards for another $140. Reason I started with the 8800GTs is that with EVGA you can use the step up program within 90 days of your purchase if you feel that the cards are not meeting your graphical needs.

    Desktop - AMD 8450 Tri Core, 3 gigs of DDR2 800 RAM, ATI HD 3200 Graphics, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    Laptop (Dell Latitude E6400) - Intel P8400, 2 GIGs of RAM, Intel X4500, Windows XP Professional

  • adders666adders666 Member Posts: 259

    ok im from the UK so im working in £ instead of $, but $2500 comes in at around £1250 i will give links to them on a uk site, but u can find them by copy paste into your favorite companys webby :)

    CPU : for futureproofing would go for intel E8500

    Motherboard : ASUS P5N-T will probably need a bios update for the processor though

    GPU : 768MB BFG Technology 8800GTX would preferably go for a big GTX over 2 GTS's because SLI is a tad on the wobbly side apparently with some games

    Memory : 2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2 Dominator, PC2-8500, get some nice fast memory, to compliment the CPU and mobo :)

    case : ran into this bundle deal today, and if it is available where you are, its an awesome deal 500W PSU good make and a nice looking case

    HDD : fairly cheep 500Gb hard drive, cant go wrong really

    Keyboard : lovely keyboard microsoft reclusa

    Mouse : best looking mouse on the market (IMHO) logitech G5

    Monitor : nice 22" wide monitor, matches the case, mouse and keyboard nicely too

    OS : windows vista home premium 32bit OEM

    all comes up to £1,164.61 or $2,289.97

    you will probably find it cheeper in the states too, and this rig will be blindingly fast, and will last a good few years, and i seriously doubt there will be any game in your list that will not sing on this rig :)

     *edit* linked the wrong mobo lol

  • TheFranchiseTheFranchise Member Posts: 241
    No one needs two 8800GT's to play an MMO. If you want two though, that's great. Otherwise look at the 3850 or something in the 8800GT family. The 3870 is too close in price to get over an 8800GT now, imo. Random deals on certain cards aside, or unless you want a 3870x2 for $400, it really pretty much boils down to a 3850 or something in the 8800GT/GTS family.
  • daelnordaelnor Member UncommonPosts: 1,556

    Nobody suggesting an X38 board with a crossfire setup for 3870's? I'm surprised.

    The 780i motherboard might be ok, but I dunno if I'd spend the money on SLI. (two cards.)

    There will be a better version of the 780i soon though. I'd probably go with an x38 board and a single vid card, honestly.

    The 780i is pretty much cobbled together, you don't get true pcie 2.0 with it.

    Just my two cents though. The rest of the stuff the other guys said some real solid stuff.

    (The P5 boards aren't bad either, like the above guy said I believe.)



  • Ghost12Ghost12 Member Posts: 684

    Lol the rig listed above in Varlok's post will pretty much, uhh, to put it in gamers terms, "pwn" everything if price isnt your concern, then i say go for it. However the double video card really isnt necessary all that much. A single  528 vid card is all you need really, the 4 gigs of ram will cover everything else.  Wow, what a sweet rig. Gives me incentive to work hard through college, heh. 

  • Varlok91Varlok91 Member Posts: 396

    I know he doesn't really need the 2 8800GTs, but he wants it running smooth as silk and I figure if he has the money he might as well. That way he won't have to upgrade for awhile.


    An x38 motherboard with 2 3870s would work great too. Especially since you can find the 3870s for $200 now (at microcenter). You would end up saving about 80 bucks which isn't bad considering you get almost the same performance.

    Or you could just go with a single 3870 X2 now.

    Desktop - AMD 8450 Tri Core, 3 gigs of DDR2 800 RAM, ATI HD 3200 Graphics, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    Laptop (Dell Latitude E6400) - Intel P8400, 2 GIGs of RAM, Intel X4500, Windows XP Professional

  • OrthedosOrthedos Member Posts: 1,771

    I heard that DX10 will be further updated down the road, and 8800 might not be the end to all for DX10.  M$oft might add in new features in DX10 that outgrows 8800 series.  It is not wise to commit so much to acquire 2 x 8800s only to have them swept aside by the new DX10 standards.

    Given the uncertainty hanging around Vista, it might be prudent to wait and see.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    You can build a relatively cheap system under $1000 that can probably run all of those on max.  No need to spend an arm and a leg.  Easiest is with an AM2+ system with an HD3870x2 or multiple HD3870 in crossfire, or an Intel based system using a Q6600 and an HD3870x2.


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