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I want an MMO to solo in. Always. Is there one?



  • Cypt1Cypt1 Member UncommonPosts: 283



    Originally posted by k9wazere

    Originally posted by SwampRob

    Originally posted by almerel

    I don't mean to sound crude but I thought one of the M's in MMO stood for Multiplayer. That being said, you should try games like Oblivion or NWN2. These games are suppose to give you the MMO feel without the multiplayer.


    No offense taken, but I was hoping I could avoid having to explain this part, as there are a million points about it in various other threads.

    However, I do not want to not see or talk to other people, I simply do not want to rely on others for my character's progression.    I still like seeing crowded towns, auction houses, etc., as it makes the world seem more alive.    Also, games like Oblivion and NWN2 are very short compared to an MMO, completable in 20-40 hours.    Most MMOs take months to see everything if not longer.

    Question: take for example, WoW. I'm going to make up a figure here. 70%. Let's say WoW is 70% solo.



    That's still a lot of solo gameplay hours. But you'd willingly rule out any game with plentiful solo gameplay hours, because there were also group gameplay hours on offer? Optional group gameplay hours?


    It seems you're limiting yourself for little discernable reason. I would instead evaluate the quality and quantity of the solo content, in isolation from and without prejudice to the group content offered.


    The only possible reason I can see for something like this is, that you feel interacting with group players is detrimental to your game experience. I can think of only a few reasons why this might be the case, and all of them stem from a possible desire to compare yourself and your achievements with theirs, and not being satisfied as a result.


    In which case I would suggest that you only compare your character and your gear with other solo players. But to answer your question, I don't know of any 100% solo MMO.

    K9wazere, your conclusion is absolutely ridiculous. Just because he wants to solo, by no means does that equate to a desire to actually avoid players altogether. It's typically known that most MMORPGs leave solo/small group players in the dust in terms of endgame content. I have raided, operated large guilds, PvPed, and played in smaller groups of 2-3 people. While I rarely solo as I always have at least one person to play with, I feel that endgame progression is sorely lacking in most games as it forces me to group with 5+ people. It's not the "difficulty" of the group content that I have an issue with; in fact, I'm a skilled player and always know how to precisely play my class in any game. However, I do feel that being labeled as "massively multiplayer" does not translate into meaning that these games are for "massive" groups or guilds only.  If I group with one or two people, or if a solo player only interacts via chat/trade, we are still interacting with other people. Or do you still fail to grasp that concept?

     When I'm on vacation from school, I tend to return to my old guild, but when school is back in session, I only play with a couple of close friends. Being a non-raider doesn't make someone inept or mentally behind as I've heard some idiots claim. I typically PvP a lot, so if I can't raid it's not usually a big deal, but is this fair to PvE players that primarily wish to solo or group with one or two other people? Why shouldn't they receive some form of endgame progression as well?

    To the OP, you may want to try Guild Wars or Phantasy Star Universe. Both games bear some striking resemblances to each other, and both provide an enormous amount of solo content. If you want a true MMORPG, I would have to recommend EQ2 or WoW. Yes, WoW does in fact change to a much more group oriented game after you hit 70; however, you can solo in PvP and obtain decent gear. If you're willing to relent a bit, I would suggest dividing your time between 5 man instances and PvP. There is no game is entirely solo-able, nor should there be, but I agree that solo players should be provided with their own version of endgame content.

  • SramotaSramota Member Posts: 756

    Go EvE - it's better than GW and you don't have to group for Anything
    (Given that it's plain stupid to run alone into a large corp with a POS, but then again you don't have to ;)

    Played so far: 9Dragons, AO, AC, AC2, CoX, DAoC, DF, DnL, DR, DDO, Ent, EvE, EQ, EQ2, FoMK, FFO, Fury, GW, HG:L, HZ, L1, L2, M59, MU, NC1, NC2, PS, PT, R:O, RF:O, RYL, Ryzom, SL, SB, SW:G, TR, TCoS, MX:O, UO, VG, WAR, WoW...
    It all sucked.

  • GishgeronGishgeron Member Posts: 1,287

    Originally posted by Sramota

    Go EvE - it's better than GW and you don't have to group for Anything

    (Given that it's plain stupid to run alone into a large corp with a POS, but then again you don't have to ;)


    Running solo for too terribly long in EVE is just going to make you hate life.  That game thrives on its community, and without it all you have left is a daft struggle to not get ganked because territory control is so big and because pirate groups thrive only on pillage from fallen foes.


    Solo MMORPG eh.....hmmm.....Best thing I can suggest is WoW.  That game probably has more enjoyable solo content than any other MMO out right now.  Even PvP is technically soloable....you aren't forced to group per se, its more akin to simply jumping into a battle and doing whatever you please.  I will say that those whom work together find far more success at it, but its not required. 


    Honestly, if you are trying to make the genre work for you as a solo player....you REALLY need to have an awesome world to keep you entertained.  Only GW and WoW have that for me, and of the two I find I prefer WoW due solely to its vastness.  You WILL have to accept that the best items in the game are going to be left for those who work together....and that holds true for any MMO.  In the very least WoW offers old season arena gear to the average PvP'er....so you can achieve something without needing a group all the time.  I guess my biggest question is this:


    Why bother?  In the end these games are only rewarding in the sense that you do stuff WITH other people.  I'm not big on large raids by any means...but if you took out the interaction I'd honestly just rather play a Diablo type game.  You really should just play single player games, I suggest things like the Elder Scroll series because those games are LARGE.  large enough that after a year and more of play I still hadn't seen more than half the content.  Like I said though, WoW is full of solo quest content that is very rewarding in terms of story and development.  The reputation increases gained from that also open up rather nice things you can buy from various factions as well. 


  • uncusuncus Member UncommonPosts: 528

    Good question:  IS there an MMO where you NEVER have to group to see ALL of the content?

    AFAIK: Only Ryzom had this.  I NEVER grouped there, even on the runs through the 'roots to get bind points in the other lands.  I saw on my own later the entire world except for some corners of some 'roots that I just couldn't time right to get into/survive.  Wish I'd resubbed just before they stopped taking subs...

    I soloed my first year or so in AC, but eventually joined a guild [then quit 3 months later lol].  I have many solo characters in LOTRO, but I don't think that you can raid with them.  I have the same in DDO and CoV, ditto there.  So, I think Ryzom is the only one that I've played where this can be done.

  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    SoR 'was' one of the best games ever.  Something about it didn't click with people, but it was one of the best designed games out there IMO.  Better than even pre-CU SWG.

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