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Reccomend--->Fiesta Online!!!

Harris858Harris858 Member Posts: 4

Yes, Fiesta Online is an online fantasy game.

Some characteristics:

1- Questing and Grinding

2-  Events (GM's host these frequently. Maybe 3-4 times a month even)

3- Cash items

4- Free game, but you have to download it.

5- BEST graphics! all of it is 3-D. Really cool.

6- Clear sound effects

7- 4 Classes: Fighter, Archer, Cleric, and Mage.

I've played it for about 1 1/2 years.

You can check it out in MMORPG games list. Fiesta Online.


  • Harris858Harris858 Member Posts: 4

    Oh, and I forgot to add other features...

    - Guilds

    - Guild Wars.

  • ClangClang Member Posts: 16

    You forgot to mention


    -3/4 people are in the main town

    -botters advertiseing EVERYWHERE!

    -stalls EVERYWHERE

    -lag fest

  • Harris858Harris858 Member Posts: 4

    Correction to above statement:

    - 3/4 are in main town because 1/4 are Gringing or Questing

    - The Block feature has been added, so you can BLOCK the spammers.

    - Lag - Not really. It just might be your computer,

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