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Asda Story reallyI really like this game needs better translation now!

markaudettemarkaudette Member UncommonPosts: 49

I really like this game (so far!) but it really needs a better translation soon. As with nearly most F2P games, it suffers from some pretty bad Engrish at times. And I'm getting real bad flashbacks of the early versions of Flyff. That game had one of the worst translations early in its life. And Asda Story isn't any different.

If they don't have a translator, they need to get one. And if they already have a translator on the pay roll - fire him or her! LOL




  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    I can muddle my way through the bad translations. I just wish they'd fix the overlapping lines that prevent me from reading the badly translated text at all. (Of the 4 of us playing here as a group, only one person says she doesn't get overlapping lines in NPC text. It's very annoying for the other three of us, though.) I agree, though-- they need to hire a native English speaker to do a once-over on everything, from their website through all the dialogue and descriptions in the game.

     (EDIT: Overlapped text fixed. Yay!)

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • ViolertViolert Member Posts: 33

    XD Engrish is funny.

    But I'm an idiot, so you've been warned <3

  • SharneSharne Member UncommonPosts: 81

    Ive heard that the sainsburys saga is much better and Tescos Tale pwns all

  • ExiphiExiphi Member Posts: 1

    u need a translator too

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