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Recruiting: LiveTech - An Industrial Corp with Experience!

LiveTech is currently looking for new and experienced pilots to fill mining, hauling, and combat  roles*!  Hardworking pilots are needed for our continued success! 

LiveTech, a member of the Cold Fusions Syndicate alliance, is an experienced (over four years old) industrial, ship-building corporation.  Our membership includes players from around both the US and Europe, as well as from other areas around the world.  With approximately 150 members (nearly 200 in the Alliance) as of this post, we are an active, hardworking, yet laidback group.

LiveTech offers several benefits to its members, including:

  • Paid group mining operations
  • Mineral/ore/ice buying program
  • Points/Auction system
  • Free ammo
  • Access to communal equipment hangers
  • Discounted ships and equipment
  • Ventrilo access
  • Forums access

LiveTech has many experienced members who are willing to give you a hand or just some advice whenever you need it! We have many members in LiveTech or the alliance who are experienced in the various facets of EVE.  From Mining to Trading to Manufacturing to R&D to PvP, we have members who can help you pursue your goals in EVE!

LiveTech currently operates in Gallante high-sec space (Sinq Laison region).  Miners/hauler are highly-encouraged to attend mining ops regularly (although not required).  Combat pilots who are accepted generally run missions, but are expected to help during times of aggression (ore thieves, pirates, war, etc.).

For more information, check out our website at!  If you'd like to speak with us directly, please contact one of our recruitment team members via EVE-mail or direct convo: Jaedan Chantes, JoMoney, Khyradin, Harvee Normarn.  You can also apply at our office at Fricoure VIII - Federation Navy Assembly Plant (you will be contacted first for an interview; an interview does not guarantee acceptance)

*LiveTech's sister corporation, Night Walkers, is a PvP corporation that is accepting new members.  Ask one of the aforementioned recruiters for more information.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Jaedan Chantes, Director & Recruitment Officer, LiveTech

Alliance Spokesman, Cold Fusion Syndicate

(Please do not respond to this post, as I will not be checking it often)

Edited 09.09.09 to change contact information and benefits.


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