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PvP and stuff

Dunno why but i always look for a game that has PvP(maybe cuz i like it :)), so i went on their site and saw that there is PvP but:

1. what is it like, i dont think it is open but is it fun?

2. can any1 describe what the city siege is like(i saw smth like "city control")

Anyways, this game looks nice even with cute manga- ish graphics (i dont care how it looks as long if its fun) and i will download it in a couple of days (dont ask why not now), so while i wait id like to read some opinions.

And 1 more thing, being free and all it probably has item mall or smth, but can i play it without ever buying stuff from there?


  • HellmarauderHellmarauder Member Posts: 178

    If i were you, I'd probably wait for 1 yr until they get most features implemented.  I, too, love a pvp endgame, but this game doesn't provide that atm.  There're guild housing & GvG events in asian versions, with possible guild castles in the future, but the current NA or Eu versions don't have any of those, hence my advice to wait & try other games if you're an avid pvp player.


    Its current pvp is dueling on mutual consent, so no open pvp.  If you can gather a group, a team vs team is doable.  There is a biliboard outside the main gate that ranks players based on fame, money, no. of deaths & pvp victories, as well as guild reputation.  So yea, if you're into one vs one pvp, you can still find someone sharing your interest or even join a pvp guild. 


    But DOMO is not really suitable for one vs one pvp.  Its strength lies in team vs team having each class play an equally important role within the team.  So balance lies in that all classes have equally important functions in a team, but not on class vs class (i.e., don't expect a doctor or a thief to kill a martial artist on one vs one duel, it's not gonna happen; doctor is good for healing, thief is good for harassing etc.).  One thing I like about DOMO, though, is it doesn't allow pot-spamming like other games, making it ideal for a nice pvp endgame. 


    Cash shops stuffs are all tradeable in game and are mostly costumes that don't offer any advantage.  A few that do offer very minor benefit, and you can acquire them by buying from other players using in-game-gold.  But you definitely don't need any cash shop items to play well.  However, it's not easy to make money in DOMO, especially if you play a melee class with your armors beaten up constantly, buying new equipments will cost you a fortune so be ready to make friends with a good crafter, or learn to craft your own armor.  A little planning and smart trading can prevent you from going totally broke. 


    Again, if pvping is all you have in mind, this game at current state won't satisfy you.  Right now, it's just a carebear game.  Better wait for a year for things to be added.  I too wish for a castle siege kinda endgame, but it'll be years before that's added. 

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