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Skill based PvP game

BlinkxBlinkx Member Posts: 20

Searching since 2 years and didn't find nothing like Neocron... Neocron was good but in my eyes it's over with Neocron... now im looking für something new... musn't be MMOFPS, but I want to be able to kill everybody and teamup with everybody... not the WoW faction type of game...


  • PlentyofdaysPlentyofdays Member Posts: 22

    look at darkfall (im giving them this year only to start beta tho)

  • BlinkxBlinkx Member Posts: 20

    Yepp, checking darkfalls homepage every week since some time... but I need something to play for now and not for 2009 Q2 or whenever...

  • KOrnfan4evrKOrnfan4evr Member Posts: 334

    Shadowbane (hear me out!) has actaully gone free some time ago, and in some time they will be doing a server wipe with some actual server optimizations (so they say).  But i'd say if you dont mind a FREE game shadowbane would prolly do you alright (its one of the major influences to Darkfalls siege system, since its one of the only games to really have sieges lol).

    Otherwise, you have Darkeden (again free but relaly its kinda gay), other than that im really in a search for pvp oriented games.

    I was actaully curious into neocron hwo is that game doing these days?

  • BlinkxBlinkx Member Posts: 20

    not good at all... KK will bring out a new game soon... http://blackprophecy.de/ ... but in Neocron on Mars are like 200 players... maybe 20 more or less... not worth starting again, it's just over... Nooone is taking care of the game anymore... no Admins or so... I played it last weak on a trial account but it's not worth playing... and activating an old account costs 27$... not with me! and definetly not for a such old game... if it was 5$/month it would be worth it and full of people... dead game, too bad =( !

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