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Ole GW player lf a new challenge. Please help :D

Synth.eticSynth.etic Member Posts: 36

Recently i have been looking for a new game to find myself addicted to. I have tried alot of games, most recently RF Online & Secret Of Solstice, but uninstalled them (would reinstall if someone convinced me). I have been playing GW since near release, but looking for a new challenge.

Guess i'll start with some needs and need not's.


Should Have:

A well supported, instanced PvP system. I dont mind if the game involves open-PvP (ganking/camping etc), so long as there is also an organized, controlled method of PvPing competitively between Guilds etc.

The PvP must be focused on teamwork & player-skill, rather than Items/Armour/Level grind. This is of most importance.

A healthy community. Well populated. When i PvE, i dont want to do everything solo - there should be somewhat of a need to team with other players for quests etc, i believe this benefits a game in many ways.

Decent Character Customization - this isnt too important, but its always nice.

Should Not Have:

Massive grind requirement before one can even attempt a decent level of PvP. I dont want to have to spend 2 months grinding for the Glowing Blood Sword Of Ultimate Doom just to have a chance in PvP.

In-game Store centric. Uber-rich folk having an unfair advantage over us peasants, particularly in PvP.

All asian-based servers, crippling Euro/US players too much.

Ultra-High system reqs.. I have a mid-range PC, i guess. Runs GW/TF2/HL2 etc just fine.


Yeah, thats about it.As you have probably gathered, im really in it for the PvP, i want to compete, but i do enjoy PvE to wind down, mess around, even farm. I dont mind exactly what form this comes in, so long as i have the chance to become engrossed in improving & learning the mechanics of the game. I'm not bothered about settings/styles of the game (sci-fi/fantasy/anime etc). I dont mind what the weapon of choice is - swords/wands/guns/ships/politics etc. Dont mind whether its f2p or p2p or whatever, though of course f2p would be nice. I have had a look at the sticky about LFGames;

Arena / Instanced Objective Based PvP

Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, EverQuest 2, City of Heroes / Villains, Fury, Final Fantasy XI, Lord of the Rings Online

"I'm looking for a PvP-based game with set objectives"

Here's my suggestion for PvPers who dislike world PvP, but like the idea of working on objectives.

Recommendation: GW, DAoC, WoW, Fury

Is what is reccomended. I will check some of them out (nice thread btw, thanks), but also would appreciate some personal advice and such from the rest of you.

Sorry for the length i'm making you read, if you have got this far. Thanks in advance.


  • admiralnlsonadmiralnlson Member Posts: 240

    I don't know of any game other than GW that provides instanced PvP with real teamwork.
    WoW has instanced PvP with teamwork in the form of Arenas, but it kinda got what you call "Massive grind requirement before one can even attempt a decent level of PvP".

    Actually, I'm less demanding than you are, I've been looking for a no-grind PvP game w/ or w/o instancing and I couldn't find one.

    Waiting for: GW2
    *thumbs up*: GW, Eve(, WoW)
    *thumbs down*: MO, GA, FE

  • Synth.eticSynth.etic Member Posts: 36

    Maybe we just wait for GWll :D

  • admiralnlsonadmiralnlson Member Posts: 240


    I haven't checked GW2's features yet. But if they provide PvP at least as good as GW1's one, and add open pvp, this might be heaven for PvP players :)

    Waiting for: GW2
    *thumbs up*: GW, Eve(, WoW)
    *thumbs down*: MO, GA, FE

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