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Don't be fooled.

SilverDevilSilverDevil Member Posts: 5

I've played a few versions of this game extensively (DE int, De Thai) and on both occasions have regretted doing so.

Firstly, let me say that the game itself is quite amusing if you can get by the crude graphics. Potentially, this game is capable in rivaling anything out there in terms of it's addictive nature and playability.

The fall of this game has been and will always be malicious hacks combined with the greed and incompetence of it's current owners.

From what I can see so far, Joymax has restricted various dungeon areas and dual-stat items (imo essential parts of the game) and branded them "premium".

The smell of another money sucking vortex is in the air...

Just look at how Joymax is neglecting it's other titles. All claims to the contrary are futile.

This is not at all a bashing of the game... just management.

Be careful; invest at your own risk.


  • sunblazeflsunblazefl Member Posts: 7

    I have to agree with Sliver on this subject. The joymax games are lacking in the COMPANY running of it. There are a lot of scammers and visit our site for money/training bots. If a bug is found, Joymax does nothing to fix it. Joymax tends to ignore the users just to get money from the US players. There is no help when needed at teh company level.

    This is not to say tat the games of DarkEden Online and SilkRoad Online are not easy to play or that the graphics are not ok. The company that is putting out the games needs to look at management of the games. Maybe restructuring of the company will help.

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