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Rappelz any good?

dtwmddtwmd Member Posts: 3

Hey guys,

Does anyone play Rappelz?  Is that any good?


  • SerlingSerling Member Posts: 662

    Graphics get a C- (meaning they are below average).  Gameplay is extremely repetitive (it's a "grinder") and there are 120 levels of virtually the same thing over and over again.

    Still, I managed to grind a character to level 15 before I got completely bored with it.  It's not bad for a few levels, but then...ugh.

  • majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418


    Originally posted by Serling

    Graphics get a C- (meaning they are below average).  Gameplay is extremely repetitive (it's a "grinder") and there are 120 levels of virtually the same thing over and over again.
    Still, I managed to grind a character to level 15 before I got completely bored with it.  It's not bad for a few levels, but then...ugh.


    You got to lvl 15, and you try saying that it's the same thing over and over again?

    Please actually play the game for more than a day before you talk out of your ass. Get to at least 30, and do some DPs, then try again.

    Also, the graphics are actually very nice. Get a better computer and, well, TRY AGAIN!

  • MadotoMadoto Member Posts: 31

    I can totaly say Rappelz is not only about grind and grind.... i got my char lvled by quests... and only quests :P Graphics are perfect.. and if i am right max lvl is not 120 :P I think its 150 :)


  • dyakk13dyakk13 Member Posts: 43

    It kind of is. Except you can do more once u get past the low level grind.

    Are you sure? It was still 120 when i played, they thought of making it 150 because GMs were going 150 or something like that.

    Current: [none]
    Waiting for: TERA

  • MadotoMadoto Member Posts: 31

    Well I am not really sure :P but I think its 150 :) some friend told me :P

  • JohnnyMotrinJohnnyMotrin Member UncommonPosts: 439

    I have a lot of fun playing Rappelz. The graphics are very good... not LOTRO good, but I absolutely have no complaints. The player animations are probably the best I've seen in quite some time.

    To be honest, the game is a little boring in the beginning because it's very repetitive, but once you lvl(30 or so) high enough to go to the dungeons, you're going to have a blast!

    I have a better time playing this free game than I do most p2p games. It's definitely worth checking into, but if you do, at least get your character to lvl 30 before you judge. It doesn't take long at all to get to 30.


  • rawrincrawrinc Member Posts: 2

    lol did i see someone say, rappelz is C- (below average) haha thats cute, let me first remind you that its a free mmorpg and STILL i think can compete with p2p games with graphics, they are very good.

    and its not that much of a grind fest.... you must be doing something wrong, this game is very fun and has the best skill system ive ever seen.


  • mochokoymochokoy Member UncommonPosts: 6

    I believe Rappelz is one of the best free to play mmorpg's I've ever played, but then again I've never played any pay to play... The graphics are very good for free to play, and the character development is fairly good... There is a bit of a grind at first once you leave the new player zone, but that is something very little to worry about! Overall, I think it is a great game, definitely worth playing if you haven't already!

  • BeezelburgBeezelburg Member Posts: 2

    I agree with mochokoy. Rappelz is a great game, a little repetitive at first at the starter island but the game really improves from there.

    I really recommend this game. It is a great free mmorpg which competes with most p2p games.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    rappelz is one of the few games on this list that has an appropriate rating, the gahpics are absolutly beautiful (need to have a comp on steroids and change the graphic settings to "balls 2 wall")

    gameplay is good, i love the skill system, and the skill cards for upgrading, a great idea, only problem is that after lv 70 it take forever to upgrad a skill, and it could take you a lifetime to get all your skills, but at least you got something to look forward to.

    lag is kida annoying in this game, wish i chose a a diffrent server than tortise.

    im not a fan of the pet system, i got this lame turtle, all the good pets take weeks of grinding to find, or you can buy (only way you can afford is buying gold for real $)

    a lack of weapons and armors, and drops for that matter really put a dent into grinding, most your drops will be scrolls (worthless)

    dungeon parties are really fun, fast paced mayhem and tons of fun ( game is boring untill lv 30ish, then you can get a dungeon party and its really fun)

    overall one of the best f2p games out there especially if you dont mind grinding

  • Suki.ChanSuki.Chan Member Posts: 30

    Are there any major changes for the last few months or so? I quit right before the new version came out (E3 or something like that) because it got immensely boring. I have a level 34 Asura Mage, and so far every single quest is exactly the same. Even the monsters are exactly the same, just with different names O.o I would say that the graphics and music are the ONLY things that made me quit at level 34 instead of 5 or something. But since there are like no good F2P games right now I might go back to playing Rappelz if there are any positive changes XD


  • Khan187Khan187 Member Posts: 168

    Rappelz used to be REALLY good and tons of fun. It can be played without spending a $ in it, but causes a LOT of frustration and time waste without spending money into it. Currently it is beeing restricted to be more suited for regular "Money Spender".

    The cash shop is extreemly expensive in my opinion. A typical example is a "Cloak", it cost approximately $20 for a virtual item which will give your character:

    • Royal look
    • Increase your ingame Defence (so minor that it does not affect anything)
    • It also give you slight increase of JP (Job Points, needed for skills). (so tiny that nobody bothers to note this point, it is something like 5 more from from a monster when you need approx 40k to lvl up 1 skill depending on the skill and sometime some skills require something like 200k JP)

    That was just a typical example of the cost of an item that give you nothing significant. Cash Shop items are expensive but the game is very fun to play and the graphics are one of the best out there for a free to play game.

    I would recommend anyone to tryout the game, however I would suggest that people take their time and find out all aspects of the game before spending real money into it.

  • Judge-DragonJudge-Dragon Member Posts: 4

    Let me just say i have played ALOT and i mean Alot of MMORPG and i gotta say this one for graphics and gameplay as a free to download and play is the best by far. like all games thou even wow games do eventually get boring but if a game can hold your interest for at least 6 months straight its pretty bloody good.


    And getting a thew lvls in these games before judging them is a good idea even wow is Crap until ya get some lvls 40+ before it becomes fun.


    So my advise is give the game a chance lvl up a bit play around ask questions, most people in games will answer them rather nicely. some are rather a - holes but theres always someone out there that has to be one. and always think for ingame if your too lazy to click ya mouse to run a little to a monster filled area your a dam lazy b -stard.

     Just Keep An Open Mind!

    Regards, Your Friendly Dragon

  • GtracerGtracer Member Posts: 32

    I played it till lvl 17 and got bored but yes if you have time(unlike me) its a worthy game unlike otehr Gpotato games...

    I dislike grinding games alot....

  • Sparkie24Sparkie24 Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by Gtracer

    I played it till lvl 17 and got bored but yes if you have time(unlike me) its a worthy game unlike otehr Gpotato games...

    Yes Trainee's island is very very boring but when you go to the main land it's a lot more fun for some days after these days you have to go and play in an guild or something at least party with someone else. Because playing this game all by your self is very very very boring. When your in a guild en play in dungeons you level up very quick tot level 50 and further after that it becomes an bit of a grind. You  need so much exp. to level up! and don't start about Job points that an disaster.

  • xyfaismynamexyfaismyname Member Posts: 13


    Hi Guys!


    i want to play rappelz but in philippines server.

    i know you guys are PROs when it comes to rappelz.

    can you give me any idea on which i will choose? PVE or PVP?

    which build is good?


    i heard rappelz philippines is good and PVE server is a newly opened server.

    i also heard that they are giving free items for new players and transfering players.

    Does any of you tried playing here? ?


    Any reply will be appreciated. Thank you!!

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