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Account WIPE Vote

rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 693

I am sick of seeing people who registered at 2005 make there first posts as of recently with broken English advertisements for virtual currency or games that are obvious garbage (Lineage 2 clones etc)

I think that anyone who registered before 6 months and has not Ever posted should have his account BANNED or Deleted.

I think this will prevent a lot of people form posting garbage on what I refer to as SLEEPER accounts...


The worst case scenario is some people having to re re-register, and if they had no post count or history here it wouldn't make a difference for them.

Also this VOTE isn't offical,  But maybe if enough people agree, will do it .



  • rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 693

    Would be nice if people supported there Yes/No  with a reason.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,487

    I find it more annoying that people create new alt accounts strictly for the purpose of trolling or flaming. I'd rather see new accounts have read only access for the first week or two, followed by a post limit, say 2 a day until the first month.  Oh yeah, and they wouldn't be allowed to start new threads until the end of the first month.

    Oh yeah, as to why I voted no, I've not observed the phenomenon you speak of, at least not to a point of annoyance.


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  • ladyattisladyattis Member Posts: 1,273

    I vote yes, only if it keeps ip bans on known trolls and AUP/TOS violators.

    -- Brede

  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    Many of those accounts are used for hyping a game. Also was attacked by spammers/gold farmers trying to win promos before and it could be left over accounts.

  • CaesarsGhostCaesarsGhost Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,136

    My Account is from 2004, I know several people with accounts from then that posted a few times, but have no reason.  It doesn't mean they don't still visit, and they enjoy the contests.

    Why should people like that be deleted?

    - CaesarsGhost

    Lead Gameplay and Gameworld Designer for a yet unnamed MMO Title.
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  • bobblerbobbler Member UncommonPosts: 810

    why should you delete an account based on age? when that is irrelevant to the situation.


  • VirgoThreeVirgoThree Member UncommonPosts: 1,198

    Hey I only started posting late last year, and this account is getting rather old. I wouldn't appreciate it if my account just suddenly was deleted during that time I did not post anything.

    I've always visited this site ever sense I created the account, it's just I don't find it that necessary to post often.

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    I fail to see the problem here.

  • BalwarBalwar Member Posts: 12

    Been a daily visitor a long time....would rather read then write...


  • Lunchbox76Lunchbox76 Member Posts: 294

    They can always impliment a script that say when someone hasnt logged in in six months it send them an email with a link that they click that resets the activity timer. Theres plenty of time I have stayed logged out for months because I didnt feel like posting.

    Playing Fallen Earth.

  • ParaTrooperParaTrooper Member Posts: 1,961

    Yeah no. I'd say a mass account deletion won't be happening. As was said a while back the place got infested with spammers and a huge amount of accounts were deleted. While i'm not in the know these days I can't say theres a problem anywhere near the level of back then.

    *Notice: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author... got sick of holding backspace.
    ParaTrooper, That guy that used to mod the forums.

  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    The major part of the person who would be affected would be people who use this site daily, but not for forums. The major part of the people who advertise for some game got newer accounts.



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