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Will this work with this

NikepwnsNikepwns Member Posts: 134

i wanna get a new processor but im not entirely sure if it will work with my current motherboard. i got some site links which will help you find out, but i am clueless.

processor i wanna get:

My current motherboard :


Please find out for me

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  • oakaeoakae Member UncommonPosts: 344

    I'm not exactly sure what it says but it seems your motherboard accepts all core2 cpus meaning the one you want will work.

  • TrentasyTrentasy Member Posts: 22

    your motherboard link that you gave, im not to sure on what it says cause its coming up as a different language  and does not seem to make all that much sense.

    If you motherboard was made in recent years then yeah the cpu will work with your current motherboard,

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