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Sands of Altansik...

You grasp your mouse firmly as you attack the gigantic beast that beckons you one more time on your computer monitor, and again you get the same result. Overly frustrated of getting killed by this boss mob in your favorite mmo too many times in the past half hour, you decide to call it a night and crawl into bed. Tomorrow, you decide as you power down your hard drive, you'll go back and buy some of those heavy duty health potions and maybe you'll get an advantage on that freakin' S.O.B.

After crawling into your bed and resting your head on your pillow, you are awakened to a what feels like hot wind caressing your skin. Your eyes open and you recognize the surroundings almost instantly. However, these images which your eyes focus upon now make your heart race with thunderous beats inside your chest. You realize that you are certainly not home in bed, but resting on a large leather skin from some wild beast that has been skinned and treated. Grains of sand blow softly shifting from one peak of sand to the next with small peaks of sand forming for as far as you can see in front of you. The winds that blow are warm winds and as you rise to a sitting position, you see more clearly now and realize that you are indeed camped in the middle of the Altansik Desert! But this is no dream and you pinch the left cheek of your face just to be sure. You feel the pain and you feel the heat of the morning suns, three of them high in the sky.

Soft silvery clouds float high in the sky, but don't seem much protection from the three orange colored suns that give this world its warmth, as you can see the blazing suns shine through the layers of the thin clouds.

You look all around you, and realize that you see nothing but desert for miles. The only things you see that vary from flat sandy plains as far as you can see are some red colored cliffs to the northeast and to your south about 200 years you see what looks like a group of monstrous desert drikans. Drikans as you know from your newest mmo game you've been playing are about 7 feet tall lizard creatures that usually wield sharp pole like weapons. The thought of these drikans seeing you and running after you with sharp ended poles makes your heart start to beat hard again. You can't believe that you have actually been transported somehow to the realm of this new mmo game you've been playing so much the past couple of weeks! Somehow, you get the feeling that you are here alone in the flesh, and that even if you see another player, it will only be a virtual representation of someone back on good ol' earth. You also get the feeling that if you die here, you won't keep living and simply return to your last bind stone.

You close your eyes tight and pray that when you open them, you'll be back in the safety of your bedroom. When you do open them however, you are in for another shock as you notice that the group of four drikans are now running towards you, and now only about 150 yards away! They are closing in fast with their weapons held high in their hands, the sharp points sparking in the sunlight as they near closer every second!


THE RULES: The community here gets to finish this story.

---------> 1 to 3 sentences may be entered to continue this story, and all assisting members
---------) must play by the rules to keep a realistic and fun to read story for all to read.
---------) FIRST RULE: Please stay on topic with the story and don't deviate from the current
---------) story line. Make sense, taking into consideration all information given before
---------) your post.
---------) SECOND RULE: Please respectfully give others a chance to post after you make an entry allowing atleast 30 minutes between your own additions to the story.
---------) THIRD RULE: To prevent branching story lines, please follow the story, and in the
---------) event that two members post additions that starting from the same last post, the
---------) post(s) that are LATER will delete their posts (edit and erase).. then make a
---------) new post continuing from the new last addition to the story.
---------) Keep in mind that giving a little time between your posts will help the story
---------) flow more smoothly. ..Don't know how well this will work, but it should be interesting !

-------->> FOURTH and MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Have FUN here! :-)

- Zaxx



  • Shibley911Shibley911 Member Posts: 35

    Sorry, make the intro shorter so writers can use their imagination more. It isn't a really flexible post you started us out with...

    Kingdom Hearts ---- Best Single Player Game Ever Made.
    Here are the MMO games I have played/tried:
    Runescape, Silkroad, Xiah, Hero, Rakion, Diablo 2, Gunz, WoW, Maple Story, Dungeon Runners, Flyff, 9Dragons, Astonia III, Last Chaos, GW:Nightfall, Hellgate London, Knight Online, Perfect World, Thang, and sadly Puzzle Pirates.

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