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Anyone playing?

XISTARXISTAR Member Posts: 2

Not one post about Astonia3? Is no-one playing anymore?

I left the game about 5 years ago when I discovered EQ, I left behind a lvl89 Arch Warrior called Seamus.. are none of the old players left? Perelay? Bod? Chojin?

Oh well. I will just say that this game was a hoot! Free to play (up to a certain level) & great fun to be had with your clan. Also had the best sub/mini game of all time included ~ Pents! So addicitive & a great way to spend an afternoon.

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  • dozer002dozer002 Member Posts: 37
    i used to play to... got a lvl 60+ smthing lol, cant remember..does this game even excist anymore?

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  • 3L1TE3L1TE Member Posts: 167

    It still exists and ishtar is still updating it.

    I had a level 113 on there named Viper Arch Mage's are so good xD, This game was by far the best game I played just because of the community. The community is just big enough that you can meet new people like everyday but still know everyone ingame xD.

    The only thing that drove me away was that its like $10.00 a month and why bother paying for such outdated graphics.

    By the way for old players that left you can now trade in-game gold for account payments. Interesting enough I think this game might go F2P or die off soon, The community went from 5000 members to under 2000 after the forum restart


  • LexinLexin Member UncommonPosts: 701

    Guess ill leave a comment. I use to play this game back about 5-6 years ago didnt get very high i think i got to around 37ish Warrior. Would be nice if once you go inactive they dont delete your account.


  • DelikarDelikar Member Posts: 28

    They don't delete your account once you've gone inactive. :) I got my original account somewhere out there, just gotta do an account recovery on it.



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    anyone knows this game?

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    i played a couple years back, it was ok  i was a mmo noob then and once i got onto this site and tried another game i felt used for having played astonia (was pay2play ) so ashamed for having spent money on this was however entertaining at the time

  • vincevdhvincevdh Member Posts: 7

    hi everybody!

    I play astonia but i have a noob acc!

    so i read some people here has played the game and don't play it any more so maybe can i get some accs from some people pleaze!!!!!!

    Grtz vince

  • dma1dma1dma1dma1 Member Posts: 82

    same here i played along time ago. i got bored and moved on . well the ppl that made this game would get in to 3d game makeing they would get more ppl to play.

  • iZakaroNiZakaroN Member UncommonPosts: 719

    Have played before more than 5-6 years up to max lvl on the free period. It was nice game, but on that time I was playing only free/trials/betas because if inability for online payment in my country :(


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  • All you would have had to do is email [email protected] and they would have told you way's of doing it. And i kinda seem to remember about half the people on here.

  • jaiteejaitee Member UncommonPosts: 2

    not alot of people play anymore, its a ghost town in there


    perelay, i saw a few times, before i quit some time ago, chojin was banned soon after he created muppets, Bod i havnt seen at all.


    it was fun, lot of people got to lvl 200, I made spawn characters for each spawn, 5-108? i think, but i dunno its dead really now.



  • SneakyPete69SneakyPete69 Member Posts: 5

    just gave it a whirl and there's like a few people in here....what gives?

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    Is this game too outdated? Anyone still plays ?

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  • SpiritGWolfSpiritGWolf Member Posts: 2

    I played a long time ago.  Had an arch-mage, arch-seyan and arch-warrior.  I played until the screwed the pooch by changing the jewel system, and a few other things.  There are now 2 links to this game.  You have to find the older one to get access to your older accounts.  If you d/l the new client you CAN NOT access your older accounts.

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