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Two MMO's I'd Play

VincenzVincenz Member Posts: 1,498

Just occurred to me, and figured someone here would know of any in development...


But I'd LOVE an Old West MMO and/or a Mafia MMO!!!


  • TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

    Yup, both those have some potential. 

    For the mafia one, you pick a family and run errands for the crew, until finally you are working for the boss directly.  Tasks might include, delivery missions, protection, intimidation,  executing  assassinations and waging war against competing families for territory.  Classes might be soldier, assassin, officer. 


    The game could have multi factions, where you war against all the families or form alliances with others to take down other families.


    And besides the mafia families, you could have a another faction, The Police.

  • AlbytapsAlbytaps Member Posts: 208

    I think the old West one has potential but the Mafia one I dunno.  I hate mmorpgs that deal with running through a new york type city (Matrix, CoH)


    The old west mmo would work!  You can have Cowboys, Indians, and Mexicans!

  • JagerMichaelJagerMichael Member Posts: 181

    I think the Mafia one could work if you center it around crews. Kind of like in Sopranos how in the beginning Tony was just a Lieutenant in one of a bunch of crews in the Jersey mob. So basically crews would be guilds and the better your guild does the more power you have in your mob.

    You could have different mobs too. Jersey and New York for Italian mobs and then maybe also have a Russian and Chinese mob as well.

    I think a Western MMO could work really well. The old west almost fits the MMO model perfectly. Small towns starting up all over but they have to thrive to survive. And that all depends on location in relation to resources like mining, cattle and farms.

    Adding in the Indians could really mix things up as well. Struggling to keep land and preserve it. Could also get into the different types of tribes. Peaceful vs. Violent.

    I see potential in both.

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