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If you decided to go retro which game would YOU pick



  • OrcaOrca Member UncommonPosts: 629


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  • KulthosKulthos Member Posts: 89

    Diku Mud.  Learn where this whole thing started.

  • I wouldn't go retro.


    MUDding exhausted my tolerance for self-flagellation.  I'd rather practice guitar instead and decline to get involved.

  • XenduliXenduli Member Posts: 654

    Agreed I went through a retro phase a few months back, then it was like I woke up one morning and thought, "Why am I playing this shit?". It's fun for a time, maybe try out the trials. It's funny how selective memory can be and I had "forgotten" exactly why I left in the 1st place.

    Maybe I deluded myself that on an emptier server some of these games that suffered lag in the past would magically resolve the lag issues. In some cases they did, in others it just proves that either the networking code hasn't been looked at since or the servers are still woefully underpowered and it's either pay for new ones or pay the rent.

    I'd advice against retro to anyone, because it gives the impression to the makers that "hey people ARE still interested in it." Truth is if they managed to convert trial accounts into subscribers. i.e. the game is worth paying for then it probably wouldn't be limping along like and old dog.

    Just let the old games die, it's the only humane thing to do.


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  • SuorySuory Member Posts: 90

    I would have to go with DAoC also. The RvR action was simply awesome. The population is low, and it is a lot funnier with a higher population. Even the Classic servers are no where near where the regular servers used to be.


  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    You know, way back before I even knew what an MMO was I played Underlight - really good game, haven't seen as good of RP in an online game since either.

    Sure the mechanics would be horrible by today's standards (one step up from a MUD) but might be fun to give it another go.  Shame it closed years ago.

  • oakaeoakae Member UncommonPosts: 344

    Originally posted by Aphex
    Imo FFXI is a good pick. Just picked up the game again and I'm actually having a pretty good time. It's a bit of a grinder though, but the mechanics are allright and a good group can be a lot of fun.
    One big plus about the game is that because of the way the job system is set up there are always a ton of people playing low and medium level players. There's also a surprisingly big influx of returning and new players. During the past few weeks I've had no problem finding groups at all. Furthermore, the economy, which was in a terrible state a few years ago, is pretty much fixed. Getting decent gear at low lvl is actually possible now without spending most of the time in the game farming.

    ^ what he said
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