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SWG...any role play even left?

So...are any of the grand, classic role players even left on the servers?


  • caeurcaeur Member Posts: 6

    It seems SWG roleplay has pretty much faded into nothing... I know there's a few still left on Chimaera, but I doubt there are any good old veterans still playing seeing as that rp community on Chimaera pretty much broke down quite some time ago. If you're interested though, seek out Caerwynn Royce, leader of SEA. Or just drop by Outmian Yakta to check it out. 

  • BealzagreBealzagre Member Posts: 42

    That is rather sad. I've yet to find another game with nearly as much RP as it had since I quit, 2 or 3 years ago. And I loved nothing more than role playing in a Star Wars setting. Oh, well. Even the brightest stars fade away, then fold into themselves and destroy all life near them. And SWG is a perfect example, heh.

  • caeurcaeur Member Posts: 6

    Let me know when you find one, will you?  I can't say I've found a game with as active roleplay as SWG had yet and I'm still looking.

  • CavadusCavadus Member UncommonPosts: 707

    Yeah, RP is dead in SWG.  Even on Starsider.


  • **?sephiroth**?sephiroth Member UncommonPosts: 201

    NGE killed off a lot of the RP, but there are still people around that do it.

    Even post NGE I'd probably say I see more RP going on in the cantina's on SWG than in pretty much all the other MMO's I have tried.



  • kelamisu02kelamisu02 Member Posts: 2

    So don't you still have something new to us?

  • JestorRodoJestorRodo Member UncommonPosts: 2,642
    Originally posted by Bealzagre

    So...are any of the grand, classic role players even left on the servers?

      I am a grand, classic Role player , but the servers that are left can not be role played on.

    Unaware of the Jestor?

    Friends enjoy his classic Vblog -

  • kwaikwai Member UncommonPosts: 825

    Chimaera holds plenty of roleplay if you know where to find it , some guilds do it more than others , f.x we at Honour do a quite bit of RP'ing , not that im apart of it but i know they do, tbh i can't really take RP seriously since i lack the creativity for that my self ;)

  • TeiraaTeiraa Member UncommonPosts: 447

    It seems RP is still quite alive on Sunrunner. At least the forums are very busy. Here a LINK.

  • fudafanifudafani Member Posts: 2

    yea, there are really many posts about sunrunners, but I don'y know what it is, I plan to download the client, the old rpg games have been out of my eyes

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