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looking for a game

ugly_boy3ugly_boy3 Member Posts: 8
Im looking for a mmo thats for macs and where you can like control your own cities but also raise skills. and it also would be nice if it were free so yea im open to suggestions


  • chillikingchilliking Member UncommonPosts: 240

    I have never heard of a MMORPG like that.. u can go and buy a singleplayer startegy game tough.........

  • ugly_boy3ugly_boy3 Member Posts: 8
    Thats what i thought ive been looking for free mmo mac games for a long time and i think i only found 2
  • TheMisguidedTheMisguided Member Posts: 4

    Don't buy a mac next time? 

  • valdexsonvaldexson Member Posts: 12

    Mac's arent really the "Gamers" PC they are more of a production Computer then anything else, Gl on finding what you are looking for.

    Edited: Actually the best bet is to save up money ( yea thats the hard part) get together about 1k-1500 and spend away on a nice gamming PC im sure there is plenty of people on the forums to guide you in the right direction just ask around. 

    once you got your gamming rig, you wont be limited to what you can and cant play

    there is a million games out there it only takes 1 to take up your time and keep it fun ^_^

    If you are reading this.... you suck!

  • ugly_boy3ugly_boy3 Member Posts: 8
    true thats probably the best thing to do save up for a pc...
  • bhiebobbhiebob Member Posts: 14

    i'm not a mac user nyahahaha

    i dont know if there is a game...

    better installed another OS...

  • beckhambeckham Member Posts: 68

    i don't think this kind of game exists.

  • xyzdesxyzdes Member Posts: 1

    just like chillikinf has said, there isn't a MMORPG like that.. u can go and buy a singleplayer startegy game tough.........

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