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Seige combat L2 vs DAOC

ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

What has been your experience with both games  ?How does the castle/keep seige experience compare....pros...cons....which is better...why ?


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,030

    Well, if your guild holds a keep in DAOC, it imparts certain bonuses to just your guild.  (there's also relics' which impart realm wide benefits)  L2 has a similar mechanic, clans that hold castles impart taxes (as I recall) and get a host of benefits.

    L2 only permits castle combat on a schedule, about once every two weeks as I recall. DAOC permits guilds to attack keeps over and over, and back in the day it wasn't impossible for a particular keep to change hands several times a day.

    DAOC has siege engines, including catapaults, battering rams and other gear which can be employed by both attackers and defenders.  Since I never got to the hard core fighting in L2 I can't speak to it, but I seem to recall there were similar items.

    In the standard DAOC server, holding a keep was cool, but not vital, on the FFA PVP server it was more personal, guilds staked out their claims on a keep and defended it against all comers.  Lineage 2 is more like this IMO.


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  • EllyrionEllyrion Member Posts: 193



    Originally posted by Arawon

    What has been your experience with both games  ?How does the castle/keep seige experience compare....pros...cons....which is better...why ?
    Sorry about the cross post. Things have changed a little from what I outlined in your previous question on this subject.

    The most significant change is the new layer of complexity added with the inclusion of the Fortresses. These now allow a rulling alliance to split up ownership of their estates amongst the Lord of the Realm ie castle owner, and his loyal supporters which can own fortresses within his domain gaining some of the benefits of owning a castle. (Most infact). There is also an option not to swear fealty to the Lord of the Realm but then this carries consequences and reprecussions for the Lord, ones which they are not likely to tolerate for long as it directly affects their clan reputation and finances. For further detail have a read of the patch notes on the official forums.



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