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Need little advice

mystic100mystic100 Member Posts: 15

Hi all,


Im going to buy L2, and have few questions. Is there many players? What class should i play to be in L2 guilds and not solo all the time? and all other things you can tell to be useful.


Thx alot guys


  • isurusisurus Member Posts: 396

    I'd point you to the class guide sticky but it's a lot of reading for very little useful information. Not worth it imo.

    If you want advice on a class then you should give a little info on what you want to play. You've got to have some idea of what class you want to play if you're buying it?

    But I will say that solo isn't really an option in L2 unless you 2box, and not only 2box but 2box 2 classes that compliment each other well. Only then is solo worthwhile.

    My advice is to pick a class that you like and if you choose to 2box, 2box whichever class compliments your main the best.


  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    a few server's has a okay population and other's are pretty dead, if you read some off the other topics i think you can find all the info you need, but about your class what do you want to play a Mage, healer, tank, damgede dealer, buffer, half buffer and damgede dealer or ??.

    getting a guild is easy to get, but if your looking for a pvp guild it's pretty much lvl 6x + for any class, and you won't get that many party's before you get to 6x + no matter witch class you pick, and a few aren't party material at all.

  • EllyrionEllyrion Member Posts: 193


    Originally posted by mystic100

    Hi all,
    Im going to buy L2, and have few questions. Is there many players? What class should i play to be in L2 guilds and not solo all the time? and all other things you can tell to be useful.
    Thx alot guys

    Welcome to L2 :)


    Unlike any previous MMO's you may have played, L2 has a different twist on the usual approach to the MMO's.

    Firstly the game is clan focused and not character focused as you have already elluded to, however, this does not mean you have to find a character which will be usefull for a clan. Rather than trying to pick the character, I'd suggest on doing some research into which server suits you best (for ping and population levels) and then try to find a suitable clan on that server. Once you speak with your future clannies the options for characters will present themselves along with the requisite advice on them.  If you start with the clan you will find that a lot of things fall into place a lot quicker.

    Secondly and more importantly for new players, this is not a pick up group style of game. There is a very competitive side to L2 and the risk vs reward model by which MMO's "reward" their players for their time online is very much slanted towards the risk side. This is one reason players are finding the starter towns empty. The world of L2 is now quite large and in the same vein as in other MMO's the players will spread out vacating the starting towns. This is more valid for L2 as players get to own realestate and will tend to flock to those towns for trade and clan hall access, rather than linger in starter areas. Similarly, each clan will take their Academy newbies to "their preferred XP areas" and assist them as their capabilities permit. Inter Clan rivalries play a major part in obstructing the "pickup group" game and are the primary reason for their demise over the 3+ years of L2.

    Thirdly, there is a lot of risk for your reward. Unlike other MMO's, very little is given to your character in L2. In lieu of this there are notable differences in the stereotypical reward systems such as quests. Quests in L2 are more like tasks, some of which are mandatory and others are there for you to benefit from, however, the benefits are subtle and often one does not realise the quests full potential untill much much later in the game. (for eg Coin Collector's Quest)

    The notion that everything has to be earnt is truer than ever in L2 (perhaps thats part of the grind mentality which so plagues L2). The game makes certain demands on the players which they are not used to in MMOs. The progression curve is cyclic and exponential, not linear. You level, you stop to harvest materials, more often than not gathering specific materials required will not be XP efficient and a lot slower than levelling groups requiring a different composition, ie a mandatory dwarven spoiler for eg, hence it forms its own part of the cycle. The subsequent phase is to craft consumables which help you level, before repeating the cycle. Every now and again you will stop for longer whilst you craft new equipment.

    In conclusion, you can now see why chosing a clan is essentially not optional. For your consideration;

    The pros are that you benefit from a collective experience, gain access to gear and buffs far beyond your starting means, you may gain new friends and are likely to experience a fuller range of game content such as raids and sieges. You are likely to craft faster and easier with a smoother access to a lot of rarer materials and recipes. If your clan owns a clan hall, fortress or castle, you will gain access to faster travel, buffs and a whole lot of other goodies which make your L2 experience much more enjoyable. You will be able to subclass at 75, as without a clan it is extremely difficult to get into the requisite raids for this process. Most importantly you will level a LOT faster in area specialised XP groups.

    The cons are that you will get tied into a political framework, you will inherit friends and enemies, but it is the enemies that will impede your game play and perhaps detract from your enjoyment of the game if you do not like PvP. Most importantly however, you become more socially obligated to L2 as you now share your online time with other players, all of whom, likewise have their agendas, schedules, issues, likes and dislikes. Nothing new to MMO's, I know, but extremely important for L2 as the time taken to achieve things will both set you apart from other players but likewise make losses more perceptible.

    The rest is pretty much down to preferrence of class, race, playstyle and does not differ significantly from other MMO's. You can raid from lv 15+ and given that the basic group size in L2 is 9 you can actually find some fun and challenging single group content out there ranging from nasty dungeons to the festival and the Rift which are all level bracketed and lots of fun. All you need is that group ;)

    I hope this helps you somewhat in understanding what L2 is about and improve your online experience through expectation management.


    Ellyrion Fiallathandriel

    The Reckless Knight


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,204

    That's a good post Ellyrion.

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