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Need a mmorpg to play..

MisterDejonMisterDejon Member Posts: 15

Hey, im looking for a action mmorpg.. 3D games or 2D.. but it has to be free... i know.. most F2P games arent gonna keep me busy for long, but im currently busy alot with rl crap.. anyways, heres some games i played:

Conqueronline, endless online, rose online, Bots, tales of pirates, pirates of carribean online, dream of mirrior online, fly for fun, Trickster online, Scions of fate,Ragnarok,MU online  and A3. IF you know any other like these, please tell!

Edit:played maplestory too


  • RespyShuntRespyShunt Member Posts: 396

    Hmm....Zu Online is out in OB right now i think. looks pretty good...almost like DoMO,,Perfect world looks really good IMO...Looks a step up from most f2p games. 2moons was just ok.. huge grindfest but i was kind of addicted.  Ijji.com has some good games, most arent action mmo's tho.. Theres a new game on ijji called Luminary which is a bit slowed down from most mmo's but still VERY addicting.  They also have an fps, a 3rd person action shooter called Gunz, and a racing MMO (yes i know lol a racing mmo) called drift city.  Despite the way it may sound...its very good, addicting, great graphics, fairly good ammount of people to play with.


    BTW, how was Dream of Mirror?  It looks good :)


  • BigMangoBigMango Member UncommonPosts: 1,821

    Perfect world is imho the best f2p mmorpg, even better and more feature complete than many of the p2p mmos :


    Features list from the community wiki: pw-wiki.onlinewelten.com/Features.ashx



  • MisterDejonMisterDejon Member Posts: 15

    lol thanks guys, Domo was ok... the graphics were worse then Flyff, i got into Domo the second it turned OB, and i was not happy.... but besides that it was aight. and i tried Drift city, Gunz, and Soilder front. its alright too. Gunz was fun, but ppl always killed me since i was new. i might try perfect world :)

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