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A Player's Critique

randi89101randi89101 Member Posts: 1

9Dragons has the potential to be a very enjoyable game, rather than the mind numbing waste of time that it presently is.  The graphics are well done, the sheer size of the adventuring area is epic in scope;  but, With Acclaim's ads so prominently displayed, interfering with the most basic functions because of the unnecessary size of the ad and it's placement on the screen, death often becomes a multiple occurrance event. 

Common sense dictates that when your character's back is to an object, it is VERY unlikely that you would be selecting that object with your mouse, such as a band of mobs chasing your nearly dead carcass...why for pity sake, would your character, in mid-stride, running for their life from a bad situation, suddenly do an about face and attack the very pursuers he or she had been fleeing in the first place?  It's not an issue of mousing skill...it's logic, especially when the pursurers 'selectable target area'  grows disproportionately to fill your screen. of course that means that any click anywhere, will turn your toon around to attack.  It is this players opinion that Acclaim has opted for a far too simplistic control interface.   

When confronted with an issue regarding a simple stats reset, necessary because of extreme laggyness and some sort of server problem, the response this player got from 'the powers that be' was ' Don't worry, you can redo it when you reach the next plateau of levels...or you can buy a 'special (in game) device that will let you change your stats...  for real world currancy, of course.  I have allowed more than enough time to honor my request with absolutely no action having been taken by the staff to correct the situation.  You can read it in the positng for technical issues in the 9Dragon's forum...look for 'lag monster'  in the subject.


With these issues and more, based on playing time that can be counted in months (real time in years)  in scores of other MMORPGs, 9Dragons sadly must rate as one of the worst games I've ever played.  It's only redeeming feature is the price to play, free.  Of course we all know that acclaim is in the business to make money, that's the whole point in running a business after all,  so while you can play for free, to really play well, or get the full benefit from the game one must invest not just one's time; but cold hard cash.  Fortunately for me, but not for Acclaim, my cash will be invested elsewhere, as well as my time.

To everyone that reads this posting, I wish you the best of luck and much success with whatever you decide your are going to do with your time.  I plan on retaining the sotware for 2 weeks from this posting so I can see what other people ar saying in any replies to my posting in the 9Fragons forum, and then I'll delete 9Dragons from my system entirely.  I won't be back to play  On the standard 10 scale, this game rates a 2...just above pong.  I can't decide between 9Dragons and Hero Online which is worse.


  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    I agree: it has the potential to be a great game, yet it's just boredom all the way. Then again, many games are in the same situation - well designed, poorply managed.

    I remember I liked a lot the skill system in 9 Dragons, it was diverse enough to allow you create your personal style. The clan idea was also good and made you proud to be a part of the whole (especially when going HD, as I did - man, that admitance test was horrible, but after graduation, it was something to brag about and to be respected for, hehe). The quests were also ok, some basic, some with a little story spread in several others, it was something fun to.

    However, leveling was too linear and soon to become exhausting and irritating due to overcrowded maps and the fact that you all players in the same lvl range were forced to fight the same things...no diversity (not to mention some monsters being overpowered). The system also favoured the parties, and going solo in that game was very difficult. All gear was way too expensive (and I'm talking about NPC, not the players' prices), and the "armors" were....just s simple costume to wear and patch forever...

    I'll say it again: Acclaim is incapable of providing good and responsive management to their games. They don't care about their players. Sad.

  • ilovemmropgilovemmropg Member Posts: 16


    wow....deep...very very deep.....

    so i'm i wasting my time playing this game then?

  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    That's for you to decide. Take others opinions for what they are - their personal opinions regarding the game.

  • felipegusfelipegus Member Posts: 1

    I guess so...

    The game have nice graphics,  good network...


    After you play it for a few days...

    You get so bored that will take months for you to play it again.

  • LionztailLionztail Member Posts: 9

    I played till lvl like 35 or something close to that then just got to bored. nothing to do.. fought red lvl monsters, got nothing. no quests, no nada. just walked around and people begged for my money, clothes, etc. thats just my opinion so dont take it in as a fact. i respect your opion so if u wanna play till lvl 90 or whatever, be my guest

  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

    I'm a recent victim of what seems to be a very similar monster... 2Moons.   In describing 9dragons you have mirrored my feelings about 2Moons.  

    Someday, somebody will put some effort in one of these "free to play" games and they will make a mint in all the cash shop items they can offer.  Until then we'll have to suffer through games like this.

    Very well written post.

  • toastm4ntoastm4n Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by ValiumSummer

    I'm a recent victim of what seems to be a very similar monster... 2Moons.   In describing 9dragons you have mirrored my feelings about 2Moons.  
    Someday, somebody will put some effort in one of these "free to play" games and they will make a mint in all the cash shop items they can offer.  Until then we'll have to suffer through games like this.
    Very well written post.


    Absolutely, but it will have to be a P2P, without it you'll be stuck with too many silly kids that can't spell.

    WoW - Best MMO I have experienced so far.

  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    The company dictates the way the game community will react and behave in game...9Dragons  managed to attract a lot of players from other asian MMOs (such as Hero) at first, and the community was tight - meeting cool and helpful ppl was easy. Then Acclaim took some suicidal decisions: at first the famous roll backs (going several days back!); then they locked all the players in game banked gear because of supposedly illegal activities (gold farming and such); then the european and pvp server forced ppl to abbandon their previous characters and start all over (what's so difficult to transfer the characters from one server to another?)...and on top of that, they changed their mind (again) and instead of supporting 9 Dragons, they focused mainly in promoting 2 Moons. A lot of good players left and soon the game was crawling with beggars, lazy crying ppl that spend all their in game time asking for money and items. If Acclain shows no respect for the their games' communities, they won't keep loyal players around for too long.

  • zaltarzaltar Member UncommonPosts: 125

    Ah the sad tale of Acclaim and the pursuit of easy money , the never ending story of good products gone to waste due to poor management and bad decisions.

    I began that end of things playing the first closed beta for 9 Dragons with the European host Persistant Worlds , way back when the game first hit the Western market. PW went out of business and Acclaim continued to host the game in the USA under the guise of what they said would be a game more geared toward western players with less grind and more content , which it is not to this day. I soon joined the Acclaim open beta and went on to become one of the original members of Divine Spears ,which at the time was the top Brotherood of Thieves Clan which later dissolved with the forced move to Asura server for pvp , another Acclaim mistake.

    I had played Hero also from the first week of its open beta , that was one wild community back then with Kagesama and his Zhuang guild Juppongatanna squad tryingto kill anyone who went to Mudo island or forcing them to pay gold to level there in peace , I was a Shao myself and we had some interesting conflicts with the Zhuang back then, but eventually everyone moved on to less grindy games, the grind in both games is quite comparable but 9D was still a much better game. After reaching close to level 80 I moved on to 2 Moons which is better than both but again , I don`t have the greater part of my life to devote to leveling so I had to stop due to the grind also.

    Acclaim has a pattern of obtaining pre exsisting titles to host in the west with lots of promises of less grind and additional content but they never seem to break away from the exp item dependent cash shop models and once they have any kind of population , the management seems to vanish.

    People in 9 Dragons and 2 moons are still waiting for the rest of the games to be added but Acclaim doesent seem to have very good relations with the Korean developers and can never get much from them in the way of expansions. The asian versions of both games are complete with much more content than what Acclaim is hosting , they are very nice games but Acclaim`s versions are nothing more than grindfests with little content. In fact many people love Dekeron , the Korean game which 2 moons is based on , and also the Viet and Korean versions of 9 Dragons , both of which are very popular in asian countries .

    Many people saw the potential of these 2 games and hung on to hopes that they would evolve , however this is not the case and so they are much less desirable . I still have the desire to play them but I just cant face the idea of having to kill 6 million mobs in order to gain a small amount of exp. it`s a shame that these 2 beauties have gone to waste , they are both unique and interesting games  that have become stagnant .

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